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Research On The Existing Problems And Countermeasures In The Process Of Government Performing Functions In Dalate Banner

Posted on:2017-10-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330512996577Subject:Public Administration
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Although it is not a comprehensive environment for the transformation of government functions, in order to perform the functions of the government better.but at least we can tell us to keep up with the pace of development of the times, it will not be eliminated by society. Therefore,the construction of service-oriented government is to promote the development trend of government construction.On the whole, from the "management government" to"service-oriented government" to unified the social development of the purpose and regularity, To make the whole country’s political, economic,social, cultural and ecological development more in line with the objective laws, Also make all aspects of Dalate’s development in line with the objective laws. The performance of government functions is designed to enhance the government public management result and enhance the government’s public service capacity, it makes the development rights of the subject back to the people, to make people more freely, more consciously in accordance with the law of social development and the laws of the market to achieve their goals better, to make social development more scientific and harmonious. Service-oriented government to give the equal rights of development of all kinds of social organizations.Help all kinds of social organizations actively participate in the construction of market economy, to produce a virtuous cycle. The construction of government functions for the development of any one place is not achieved overnight, it is long-term planning with big significance.Through collecting literature, in literature data collection and analysis based on the changes in the functions of government management research. Based on the concept of socialist harmonious society in our country, combined with the current situation of domestic and international research on the transformation of government functions, the government of Dalate should restore its prestige for the establishment of public service type government, become the government administrative system reform to lead the vanguard of the trend of the times. For the modern government, in line with the purpose of serving the people heart and soul,to enhance the public’s satisfaction with the government to provide public service is the main goal of the pursuit, but also the core value of the government. Only by changing the functions of the government can we fundamentally solve the drawbacks of the current system of government.This paper focuses on the main problems existing in the process of performing the functions of the government of Dalate, and puts forward the countermeasures and suggestions to promote the performance of Dalate’s government to perform its functions.
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