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Studies Of Risk Management In The Cadre Personnel Files Management

Posted on:2017-01-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330515467190Subject:Industrial engineering
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Personnel files are formed in the human resource management activities,and reflects the personal experiences and their political integrity,combined with individual units,are the file materials for inspection.Along with the socialist market economic system setting up and improving constantly,the personnel system reform is increasing,the traditional personnel file in material structure,management system,management methods,provide use are significant in such aspects.The effective risk management of the cadre and personnel archives can promote the overall success of the personnel file management.The cadre personnel files risk identification,risk assessment and risk control are important parts of the project risk management.In this paper,it researched the risk management of the cadre personnel file management,the first is through using risk identification methods such as the statistics method of identification,process tracking recognition method,typical cases method and brainstorming method,identifying risk factors of the cadre personnel files management.Such as the cadre personnel files collection process risk,identification process risk,finishing process risk,etc.Second is risk assessment,through using fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method,concluded the value and risk level of each risk factor.Again according to risk level of each risk factor makes the corresponding coping strategies and measures,Strengthen the effective monitoring of risk through the establishment of risk monitoring model.Finally,summarizing risk management of the cadre personnel files management,and put forward the deficiencies and the prospect of the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:Personnel file management, Risk management, Risk identification, Risk assessment, Risk monitoring
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