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Research On The Government Responsibility In The Development Of Bicycles In Guangzhou

Posted on:2018-02-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people driving the phenomenon of car travel more and more common. The car is also convenient for people to travel at the same time also brought a series of problems: serious environmental problems, serious traffic congestion problems, excessive energy consumption, frequent traffic accidents,complex social problems and so on. Encourage the public to travel by car,can effectively alleviate the above problems. However,there are huge shortcomings in the public bicycle system developed by the government from the allocation of assets to the mode of operation: the huge investment in assets, the higher operating costs, the ease of use of bicycles. And to the public worship, OFO as the representative of the commercial sharing of bicycles,to bring convenience to people at the same time,but also through commercial operations and Internet technology to solve the public bicycle by car inconvenience, high operating costs and other issues. However, in the rapid development of the back, sharing the development of cycling problems are gradually revealed, such as:chaos parked or occupied other parking spaces, bike lanes are not enough, high maintenance costs, serious damage to the bicycle and so on, these problems The impact of the development of shared bicycles at the same time also brought the urban space management and administrative law enforcement issues, alone can not be solved by the enterprise itself, the need for the introduction of government policies and regulations, to be properly guided and supported.This paper starts from the theory of governance, studies how the government should function in the development of shared bicycles, supports the development of shared bicycles, and finally puts forward effective ways and means to support the development of bicycles. The ultimate goal of this paper is to promote the development of urban traffic control and planning by further researching the government’s comprehensive development of bicycle priority traffic green sustainable traffic system through the study of the problems and countermeasures of the development of shared bicycles.Specifically, this article mainly from the following parts to discuss the development of shared cycling in Guangzhou, the government responsibility.The first chapter elaborates on the research context and significance of this paper and also summarizes the domestic and overseas research progress, puts forward the research methods and innovations of this paper,and explains the related concepts and theoretical basis.The second Chapter summarizes the problems that need to be solved in the development of shared bicycles. Analyzes the necessity of the government in the development of shared bicycles, and puts forward the leading responsibility of the government in the development of shared bicycles.In the third chapter, through the questionnaire survey, the problems and causes of the development of cycling in Guangzhou are analyzed, such as the low moral quality of the shared bicycle users, the weak legal and security meanings, the lack of infrastructure support, the vicious competition between enterprises and relevant policies And regulations are not perfect to analyze several aspects.The fourth chapter draws lessons from the experience of domestic and foreign,mainly from Shenzhen and Xiamen city government in support of shared bicycle development experience.In the fifth chapter,the author discusses the problems and causes of the development of bicycles from the aspects of filling the vacancy of the government, correcting the dislocation of the government, strengthening publicity and education, guiding the people to improve the moral quality of the people and strengthening the government’s supervision responsibilities. The specific countermeasures of government responsibility.
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