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Research On Incentive Mechanism Of Grass-roots Civil Servants

Posted on:2018-08-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518969849Subject:Public Administration
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Grass-roots civil servants are the important groups to fulfill the functions of public administration,directly serve the masses of the people,and maintain economic development and social stability.As of the end of 2015,China has 716.7 million civil servants,Sixty percent distributed below the county level.It can be said that grass-roots civil service groups occupy the largest proportion of civil service groups,and their role as the proportion of the same,people can not be ignored.The primary role of grass-roots civil servants is to provide public services directly to the masses through the implementation of government departmentsí intentions and policies.Their work results determine the effectiveness of policy policies and determine the quality of life of the people and the governmentís satisfaction level.In recent years,the working environment of civil servants in our country has undergone great changes,especially at the grass-roots level.On one hand,"gray income",invisible benefits dropped to none,on the other hand,Work enthusiasm,work ability can not keep up with the work requirements,complaints,resignation,test the public heat cooling gradually increased,how to mobilize grass-roots civil servants work enthusiasm and creativity,to promote their wholeheartedly for the people to provide Convenient and efficient public services,has become an urgent need to address the current important public management issues.To mobilize grass-roots civil servants to work enthusiasm and creativity is a systematic project,need to rely on a scientific and reasonable incentive mechanism.On the basis of the literature review and the questionnaire survey in Y city,it can be analyzed that there are some problems such as the low pay,the unscientific methods,the unfair promotion process and the lack of pertinence in the current civil servant incentive system.This paper makes a further analysis and selection of these problems,and then draws up the common problems in the current grass-roots civil servants incentive mechanism,and then through the analysis of the incentive mechanism of the grass-roots civil servants in the developed countries such as the United States,Japan and other developed countries and domestic Zhuhai,Wenzhou,Targeted to design a reasonable salary system,to establish a scientific evaluation system,to explore a fair promotion system,the implementation of effective training system,improve the incentive mechanism for grass-roots civil servants.
Keywords/Search Tags:Grass-roots civil servants, Incentives, Evaluation system, Training system
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