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A Study Of Democratic Supervision In Villagers' Self-government

Posted on:2018-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330536485717Subject:Public administration
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Villagers' Autonomy is an important part of grassroots democracy in China's political system,Fully embodies the people are the masters of the basic national policy.But to such a democratic system of innovation for Rural Development continue to implement genuine promotion,And to guarantee their stable and efficient operation,I believe that is essential to carry out a reasonable democratic supervision.Since the reform and opening up,In view of the party and the country attaches great importance to,China's rural grass-roots democratic supervision has made some development: The enthusiasm of farmers to participate in village-level democratic supervision has improved,The "People's Republic of China Organic Law of Villagers" as the representative of democratic supervision of the relevant system for continuous improvement,Village-level democratic oversight bodies flourish.But at the same time,We should also be concerned about,Village cadres corruption,Run opaque Rural Power,Farmers group events such as frequent phenomenon persists,Tracing Su bottom where there exist reasons for the lack of democratic supervision.This shows,Current Villagers' Autonomy oversee the development of democracy can not fully meet the needs of rural economic and social development,In particular there are still major problems and deficiencies in the system implementation process,To some extent,it has seriously hampered the villagers autonomous system operation,Affecting the comprehensive construction of a high level of well-off society.For such a status quo,In this paper,the theory of popular sovereignty,authority control theory,deliberative democracy theory as a guide,Through field investigations,Theoretical analysis and empirical analysis methods,From the perspective of supervised learning,Systematic analysis of Zhenhai village-level democratic supervision problems and the reasons behind,Combined with rural reality,It proposes to intensify the supervisory role played by democracy feasible countermeasures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural grassroots democracy, Villager autonomy, Democratic super
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