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The Research Of Cooperative System Of The Social Governance

Posted on:2018-03-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z G WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330539475135Subject:Administrative Management
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In the late 20 th century,human society entered the globalization,industrialization historical process,high degree of openness and liquidity to make our society has entered the era of highly complexity and uncertainty.On one hand,this makes the current social governance under greatly challenges and pressure,on the other hand it also objectively requires that we must be conducted according to the changes of the social governance environment timely innovation of social management concept and system,especially the innovation and reform of governance model.To understanding of the concepts of social governance cooperative system in the current social governance under the background of the comprehensive consideration,in the deep analysis of social governance theory,on the basis of the concept of change,and internal logic,grasp the characteristics of social governance cooperative system and value pursuit.In summarizes the new public management theory,new public service theory and governance theory,on the basis of the experiences and lessons,expounds the social governance cooperative system and the inner relation between them,and then realize the social governance in the form of cooperation theory.The construction of this theory is facing many difficulties,including bureaucratic inertia,the practice of the plight of the cooperative relationship between the governance body construction and trust reconstruction and the problem of resource sharing and so on.From the present situation of social governance,the application of social governance cooperative system in China is the biggest problem facing the country and cooperation problems,in its essence is the issue of relationship between state power and civil rights.Therefore,to accurately grasp the state power and civil rights in our country the status quo,on the basis of using power security rights,with the right restricting power,under the precondition of the establishment of national and civil relations of cooperation,the cooperation through the relationship between the power of the hold,for the application of social governance cooperation create political and social conditions.According to our country’s political and social development,and the actual situation of social governance faced,cooperation development orientation of social governance in China should be negotiated governance.Consultation management are the concrete manifestations of governance in our country modernization,is theembodiment of deliberative democracy,and also keep the consistency with the party’s mass line,can say that negotiation governance is the way of public affairs governance with Chinese characteristics.In the process of social governance,consultation process essence of the process of cooperation,consultation management is the important way to realize social governance cooperative system.The consultative democracy with Chinese characteristics and the party’s mass line,inner embodies the essence of the modernization of national governance requirements,therefore,to develop and improve the system of deliberative democracy as the basic route of governance to promote China’s public affairs consultation,and then realize social governance cooperative system in the advance and development of our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:social governance, cooperative system, personal rights, deliberative governance
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