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Research On The Construction Of Public Service Capacity Of Township Government In China In The Internet + Age

Posted on:2019-06-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330542493613Subject:Public Management
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The construction of a service-oriented government has set a higher standard requirement for the government’s public service capability.The effectiveness of the construction of government public service capacity is related to many aspects such as government credibility and government image maintenance,social stability and harmony,and national economic development.Especially in the context of the Internet +,ordinary people have more diversified needs for government public services,more diversified demand representation mechanisms,more direct and open means of public participation,and the further enhancement of government public service capabilities under the new environment.In particular,as the "last mile" of government services,the public service of township governments faces the masses of the masses directly,and the contacts with the public are the most direct and frequent.The public service quality and efficiency of township governments have a bearing on the social stability and economic development of the localities Important should be the county.To this end,how to further strengthen the township government’s ability to provide public services has always been an important issue for the party and state policies.This paper has carried on the concrete grooming and analysis to our country township government public service ability construction.First of all,this article clarifies the current research status in related fields at home and abroad.The purpose is to provide theoretical basis for the following specific research.Secondly,based on the actual situation of our country’s township government’s public service capacity building,this paper summarizes the current situation of the township government’s public service capacity building,and sums up the achievements and problems that exist.The main achievements are the improvement of the public service capacity of township governments,the continuous refinement of public services,the gradual shift of public service provision from online,the continuous streamlining of public service processes,the increase in public participation in public affairs of township governments,and the increase in township governments’ The level of public response has improved.However,there are also some problems in the public services of township governments.The main concerns are that the administrative awareness of administrative staff of township and township governments still needs to be strengthened,the application of informatization tools in the service of township and township governments is uneven,the construction of integrated service network platforms is not satisfactory,and the township government and the public The interaction is still not ideal.Thirdly,in view of the problems existing in the process of public service capacity building of our township government,this paper analyzes specific reasons,mainly including the inadaptability of the management system of the township government,the untimely construction of the system,the demand of the township and township talents,and the weak financial base of the township.Finally,based on the analysis of the issues in the previous section,this paper proposes specific suggestions on how to improve and strengthen the public service capacity of township governments from public service platforms,public service teams,and township government systems.There are six main areas:Township government authority borders and responsibilities,expand township government service management authority;promote township government online and offline information comprehensive open system,innovate township government public service assessment assessment system,improve township government network supervision and accountability mechanism;improve township government departments public Service platform to ensure that the whole process of public service operations is on-line;broaden the channels of public services of township governments,give full play to the role of social workers in the public services of township governments,and build a talented team of township governments to fully mobilize the work enthusiasm of township civil servants.Improving the ability of township government personnel to think on the Internet;optimizing the financial management system of township governments,increasing public investment in township public services,and setting up special funds for finance.
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