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Study On The Implementation Effect Evaluation Of Village Relocation Project Under Multi Perspective

Posted on:2019-05-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330542960807Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The village relocation project involves many participants,and their motives and values are different.It is necessary to make a systematic analysis of the implementation effect of the village relocation project according to the different needs of the participants.To this end,this paper comprehensively analyzes the general situation of village relocation project implementation in Qihe county,combines with system theory,sustainable development theory,urban rural integration theory and resource allocation theory,based on the data from questionnaires and field interviews of the north and south communities,makes an empirical analysis on the implementation effect of the village relocation project from three angles such as local government,residents and grass roots organization.First of all,establishing the evaluation index system which is about the comprehensive benefit of village relocation project from three aspects such as economy,society and ecology.Combining matter element extension model to analyze the comprehensive benefit level of the project and the relationship between single factor benefit index and project implementation effect.Secondly,using SPSS22.0 to analyze the changes before and after the implementation of the project.Such as the changes in economic income and expenditure of household family,the changes in family residence,the changes in the family life and production conditions.And constructing two element Logistic linear regression model to deeply analyze the residents’ satisfaction and the main influencing factors of satisfaction after the completion of the village relocation project.Finally,through the comparison and analysis of the changes in the grassroots organization structure,the changes in the quality of the members and the changes in the service management before and after the construction of the north and south communities.Illustrating the validity and limit of community management of grassroots organizations after the completion of the project.Taking the different value orientation of each participants as the breakthrough point to put forward suggestions for improvement of project implementation effect.The results are as follows: firstly,from the perspective of government’s point of view,the implementation of the village relocation project in the north and south communities has basically achieved economic feasibility,social recognition and ecological harmony.However,the comprehensive benefit correlation value is 0.002,and there is still a big gap compared with 1.And the project still has potential space from "good" to "excellent".Secondly,from the perspective of residents,they are satisfied with the village relocation project.These factors such as interviewee’s cultural level,the number of people who are not at home for a long time,the value of the original house,agricultural land area of the family,family monthly cost of living increase,decoration and furniture costs,housing purchase expenditure significantly affect the satisfaction of residents.There are still many problems,such as community planning violates the needs of residents’ production,the compensation standard of homestead replacement is unreasonable and so on.Thirdly,from the perspective of community grassroots organizations,after the construction of the north and south communities,the public service management facilities have become more perfect,the grass-roots organization service management practices are new,the quality and ability of the members of the organization are improved.However,there are some institutional and non institutional problems in the "three committees" of the community,such as the lack of systematic arrangement,the weak consciousness of the residents’ community and the imperfect service management system of the grass-roots organizations and so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:village relocation project, muti-perspective evaluation, comprehensive benefit, residents’ satisfaction, community governance performance
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