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Legal Research On The Circulation System Of Rural Land Contractual Management Right

Posted on:2019-03-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The rural land is not only a factor of agricultural production,but also the peasants' ancestral generations are relying on the land to ensure their basic life.In the present,the migrant workers who work in the city are still the last way to retreat after their unsuccessful integration into the city.In general,the right to land contract management is undoubtedly one of the most fundamental and most critical land property rights of farmers,which plays an important role in the system of land circulation.Therefore,it is necessary to make a theoretical study on the legal system of the transfer of the rural land contract management right,and then reflect and improve it so as to improve the agricultural productivity of the rural areas,make the agricultural production scale management,reconfigure the various types of land in the countryside reasonably and effectively,and prevent or reduce the rural contracted land.It has important practical significance that the phenomenon of abandonment and abandonment,to realize the transfer of rural labor to the city,to adjust the structure of agricultural industry,to promote the sustainable development of rural agriculture and to maintain a stable order of social grass-roots.Therefore,this article first summarizes the circulation system of rural land contract management right,including the definition and transfer of the rural land contract management right and its circulation,and then rethinks the many problems exposed in the practice of rural land contract management,and then it is legal.The analysis and research,especially in view of the lagging law system of the current land contract management rights circulation and the legal defects in the provisions of several land circulation patterns,and then put forward pertinent relevant suggestions to solve the problems in the rural land flow system and the land for our country.The improvement of the circulation system provides some ideas and theoretical references,that is,to improve the legal system of the land contract management right circulation,to improve the mode of the transfer of the rural land contract management right and the supporting management system in the process of standardizing the circulation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural Land, Contracted Land Use Rights, Circulation System
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