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The Study Of The Specification Of E-stop Service Administrative Examination And Approval System Reform In Pengjiang District,Jiangmen City

Posted on:2018-02-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330566954936Subject:Public administration
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The reform of the administrative approval system is an important method to transform governmental functions.China has conducted several rounds of administrative approval system reform and achieved certain results.However,they still fail to adapt to the development of the socialist economy and society due to the barriers among ideological concepts,the pattern of interests,and legal system.In recent years,to streamline administration and delegate power has taken to the stage and become an important platform for the governmental reform and innovation at all levels.All regions are actively exploring new models of administrative approval system.The 18 th CPC National Congress proposes to deepen the reform of administrative approval system,streamline administration,delegate power,and promote governmental functions so as to create a favorable environment for development,provide better public services,and safeguard social justice.In the new period of deepening reform,by implementing the policies made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and following the trend of reforming administrative approval system,the Pengjiang District of Jiangmen City strive to transform governmental functions and build a service-oriented government based on national and regional experiences,in hopes of fitting the “E-Stop Service” into the reform of administrative approval system.This paper is divided into seven parts: the first chapter introduces the significance and the status of the research,as well as the basis of the work plan;the second chapter is about the core concept and the theory of the administrative approval;the third chapter is about "E-Stop Service" reform background,necessity and its history;the fourth chapter is of the overall situation and the achievement of the reform of “E-Stop Service”,analyzing the main practices and achievements;the fifth chapter reveals "E-Stop Service " reform problems and conducts a cause analysis of the problems in the reform process;the sixth chapter introduces administrative approval system reform in some leading regions of the country and explores what we can learn from them;the seventh chapter provides insights and suggestions.By analyzing the causes of deepening “E-Stop Service” administrative approval system reform,this paper proposes measures and suggestions in terms of aims and means——how Pengjiang District of Jiangmen City aims to be built into the most thorough and successful region deepening the administrative approval system reform,namely,the most transparent,convenient,and efficient local government in the country;and ways to streamline administrative approval,complete “negative list system”,intensify scientific assessment and public involvement,standardize administrative approval procedures,optimize administrative approval basis,quantify administrative approval discretion standards,and impel government functions transformation.
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