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A Research On "One-Stop" Service Model Under The Reform Process Of Administrative Examination And Approval System In China

Posted on:2012-10-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F F NiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330368981314Subject:Administrative Management
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As stated definitely in the report of the 17th session of NPC:"Speeding up the reform of administrative system to build service-oriented government". The government takes the transformation from regulation-oriented government to public service-oriented government as the preferred important objective at present. Actually, the important part for establishing public service-oriented government is to advance the improvement of administrative examination and approval system. Since the State Council carried out the reform of administrative examination and approval system in 2001, the local governments throughout the country have been establishing administration service centers executing administrative examination and approval in such simplified manner as inter-departmental examination,"window office","one-stop"service model and so on. The"one-stop"service model, as a breakthrough concerned with the reform of administrative examination and approval system and kind of new methods of public service from governments, plays a positive role in advancing the efficiency of public service. However, the model is still in its initial growth.Against this backdrop, this paper, using the studying methods as document analysis,systematic analysis and survey on the spot, on the basis of introducing research background,related research results both domestic and overseas and definition of key conceptions, first of all, illustrates and analyzes the historical process of reform of administrative examination and approval system in China,the theoretical basis for establishing"one-stop"service model,the essence and features of"one-stop"service model as well as the amendment and improvement to traditional administrative examination and approval system by"one-stop"service model. The paper elaborates on the general situation of development and operation of"one-stop"service model in China, generalizes the problems existed in"one-stop"service model under operation and analyzes deeply the root causes of the problems next. The problems such as disorder of personnel management,low rate of finishing off on the spot,obstrution in process,lagging of examination and approval by virtual organization,shortage of one-stop provider setup, etc., are caused by collision of the dual mangement system,the insufficient competence of the personnel,the deficiency of coordination mechanisms,the insufficiency of computerization and informationization and so on. In the end, the present paper, taking the administration service center as the support, systematically puts forward measures to improve the"one-stop"service model under sound operation in China from the perspective of the quality of personnel,the relationship between"window"and function unit,the service process reengineering,the construction of service and function system and so on according to the developing and operating status of"one-stop"service model in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Reform of Administrative Examination and Approval System, Administration Service Center, "One-Stop"Service Model
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