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Development Situation And Countermeasure Research On Tianjin Customs Clearance One-stop Service Center

Posted on:2016-08-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L FengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330485958684Subject:Public administration
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With the process of the reform and open-up policy, the reform of the China’s administrative system is also continuously deepening. “One-stop” administrative service center, by drawing experience from this process, to the establishment and then to the popularization, has become one of the landmark events of the administrative system reform. Since the birth of the first “one-stop” administrative service center in 1999, the “one-stop” service has made many achievements in the reform of the administrative approval system and the quality and level of improving government service. The establishment of the “one-stop” administrative service center meets the requirement of establishing the service government. And its later reform and development is related to the continuous deepening and proceeding of the reform of China’s administrative system. Tianjin International Trade and Shipping-service center, as the “one-stop” administrative approval service center of the port customs clearance, has played an important role in the opening of the ports of Tianjin and the establishment of the big port customs clearance. By clearing up the problems in the process of Tianjin International Trade and Shipping-service Center, this thesis focuses on the reasons of hindering the healthy development in the shipping service center and offers some solutions with the purpose of giving some references to the creative development of the shipping-service center and the transformation and upgrading.This thesis consists of five parts. In the introduction part, the topic background, the theoretical and reality meaning of the research, the current research situation of at home and abroad, the research methodology of the thesis, the research content, the research creative points and weakness are introduced. The second part centers around two theoretical basis-new public service theory and service government theory, which introduce the two logic mode(in series and in parallel of the one stop administrative service center, and analyzes the developmental process of the one stop administrative service center. The third part introduces the establishment background of Tianjin International Trade and Shipping-service Center and the major functions of the realization, to wit, government service function, international trade and marketing function, social monitoring function, information collecting and spreading function, and talents communication function. The fourth part analyzes the continuous exposing problems in the one stop custom service of the shipping-service center and the reasons of these problems, which include: inaccurate law location, parallel administration, incomplete working system, and the website one stop service and the custom regional clearance integration leading to the atrophy of the permit business. The fifth part focuses on the developmental scheme of the problems, to wit, the law location and function scope, complete the function system of the shipping-service center, complete and expand the service function to deal with the atrophy of the business.
Keywords/Search Tags:One-stop service, Administrative approval, Customs clearance service
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