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Problems Of NGOs Service Delivery In Ghana

Posted on:2019-06-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Danso Alex OpareFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330569495946Subject:Public Management
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Non-governmental Organizations(NGOs)are found worldwide and are well noted for the significant role they play in the socio-economic development within the vicinities they are.NGOs are there to support the government in providing special needs and services to people in the situations whereby the government hand cannot reach.In spite of the numerous roles NGOs play in the developmental growth of the community and the country as a whole,they are facing some difficulties which have raised concerns about its sustainability.The study identified and explained some of the problems of NGOs service delivery in Koforidua New Juabeng Municipal,Ghana.The study also sought to clarify how NGOs in Ghana were faced with some issues in its successful operation such as political,internal,financial and managerial factors.In other to know and understand the problems affecting NGOs in its service delivery,a case study research approach was adopted to help the researcher in his findings and draw a conclusion.In other to this,a simple random sampling technique was adopted,the margin of error percentage,to sample the survey some of the NGOs operating in the Eastern Region.Data gathered by using some NGOs such as Plan Ghana,Royal Kids Foundation,Save the Liver Foundation and Girls in Education.The researcher used about 250 questionnaires to collect responses from the respondents and then the data collected were interpreted to draw graph and chats.In this resarch,issues such as political interference,poor transparency,inadequate training and development facility to the staff,poor communication,poor governance,corruption,poor management,accountability,and absence of strategic planning,leadership skills were the contributing factors affecting the operations of NGOs in the area and Ghana at large.These are some of the problems which have led to reduced management and constraints in the funding of the Non-governmental Organizations.This was revealed with regards that NGOs are inefficient in various costs they incur in the projects they undertake due to the poor management of funds.Another major challenge of managing NGOs in Ghana is the limited amount of financial and human resources available.These cause of funding and capacity problems in many NGOs is due to lack of transparency and accountability in their operations due to this their sponsorís withdrawal,and then later the NGOs shut down without been able to carry out its duties anymore,and others have had to scale back their operations due to financial constraints.The poor management participatory also affects the sustainability of the NGOs in the New Juabeng Municipality.These had led to ineffective governances and narrowed making of decisions which had caused defects in the operations.This was noted that beneficiaries and the employees were not involved in the process of decision making.In practicing good governance,transparency,equity,and also timely reporting regarding their achievements and areas where they needed help NGOs should continue to play their role.The study also identified some of the findings and even make some recommendations which when put in place will be very needful for NGOs in their operations and even for students,organizations and institutions for other future work and study.
Keywords/Search Tags:Non-governmental Organization, Financial Problems, Internal Problems, Political Issues, Managerial Problems
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