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A Comparative Study Of The Construction Of The Computer Class MOOC Between China And United States

Posted on:2017-11-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330482493590Subject:Education Technology
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With the development of modern information technology, network technology, computer multimedia technology, human society entered the digital, networked, and informational society which is based on the Internet. The depth of the integration of modern information technology and traditional education makes the traditional education have great changes,and digital learning, ubiquitous learning, blended learning, mobile learning, and a series of new ways arise, and education trends information process. The development of educational informatization has been attracting the attention of the national education department, in May of 2010, China issued the national medium and long-term education reform and development plan outline(2010-2020)(be called for short“ outline”), the outline in chapter 19 explicitly pointed out:“ Information technology have revolutionary influence on the development of education, so we have to pay attention to it”, “Strengthen the development and application of high quality education resources, strengthening the construction of network teaching resources, high-quality international digital teaching resources are introduced; establish open and flexible education resources public service platform, promote the wider high quality education resources sharing.” In 2015, the ministry of education points “Perfect service system of cloud, national education resources continue to increase the intensity of high quality digital education resources development and application, to explore online open course application drive mechanism, strengthening the construction of MOOC, use and management ”. Design and research of open course are paid attention to.Now all countries in the world are in the construction and sharing platform for class and curriculum. The difference of MOOC platform is very big, and instructional design of MOOC platform is different. Many famous experts and scholars at home and abroad as well as researchers from different latitude and level of MOOC launched research, and obtained some results of theoretical and practical level. However, instructional design of the MOOC at home and abroad is rare. Therefore, the study chooses similar MOOC courses for computer from different MOOC platforms as the research object, to discuss the difference in instructional design level between at home and abroad, to obtain some enlightenment on the MOOC curriculum design, to put forward some feasible suggestions.The study bases on the method of literature, the method of case analysis and the method of comparative research. Firstly the study analysis literature material which published in recent years about the MOOC and open education journals, academic papers, conference reports and newspaper, sort out the development process and status of the MOOC. The study analyzes the research status of instructional design of the MOOC and the research status of MOOC for computer; Then design of the MOOC bases on Connectivism learning theory, humanistic learning theory, constructivism learning theory, mastery learning theory and teaching theory program. The study introduces in this paper synoptically, the use of two MOOC platforms:“ platform of Coursera” and “the Chinese university MOOC” platform, introduces the selection of the basis of the research object, selected “Computer Science101” and“ introduction to calculate A” from “Coursera” platform, and “university Computer” from the Chinese university MOOC platforms.Finally this article from the curriculum learning environment, teaching content, learning resources and course learning evaluation of four big aspects, including learning environment, teaching team, the learners, teaching objectives, teaching contents, instructive information, learning resources, interaction, evaluation subject, evaluation method and evaluation content ten small aspect, from the macro dimension on curriculum teaching design case of instructional design carries on the analysis comparison research, draw the conclusion: The three MOOCs are similar approximately in curriculum organization, teaching goal, the ways of teaching and evaluation. The three MOOCs are different from the teaching object, the breadth and depth of teaching contents, the emphasis of the teaching content, curriculum resources, teaching support and teaching interactive. Obtain the enlighten of course design, and propose some feasible reference of the design of MOOC, Including curriculum resource designed to be learner-centered; strengthen and optimize interactive teaching curriculum, improve the utilization of the Forum; using multiple evaluation methods, improve learning outcomes; optimize learning resources and timely updates; strengthen the teaching team guide and provide personalized learning services; actively with social enterprises, educational bodies; intensify propaganda domestic MOOC Teaching and speed up the establishment of MOOC courses credit certification.
Keywords/Search Tags:MOOC, open educational resources, MOOC instructional design, computer MOOC, open online courses
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