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Higher Vocational College Ideological And Political Theory Class Practice Teaching Research

Posted on:2017-06-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y TangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330488472688Subject:Ideological and political education
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Ideological and Political Theory Course(hereinafter referred to as "ideological politics course") is the main channel to Education and guidance college students of life, values, world view. Into the new era, many foreign cultural trends and values impact on a new generation of college students’ beliefs, convictions, ideas, therefore education timely and proper guidance is very critical, Campus Ideological Education Courses shouldered the task more difficult, How to better play its role in guidance and education of college students is the important topics. At present, we not only need to play a leading role in the ideological and political education classroom, but also effectively improve education teaching methods, an effective way to expand the Ideological and Political Education Course. Practice teaching is a practical and effective way, It has the advantage of combining theory with practice and vivid, to effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of students, to strengthen the effectiveness of teaching and pertinence. How to effectively expand the Practice teaching of ideological and political course, promote its inherent advantages, is the issues of this paper to ponder and research.This paper mainly studies political Teaching of ideological and Political Lesson in Specialized Colleges. First, starting with the basic theoretical research, to define and elaborate the relevant concepts, Then,using the way of questionnaires and interviews to Comprehensive Analysis the reality of Practical Teaching, to summary the problems and to find the reason, Finally, to solve these problems, to change the reality and operation guarantee.This paper through literature researched and comprehensive research method to expand research ideas, so it need to learn and use relevant literature,which in favor of research topics, to Integrate information on the basis of the overall understanding and in-depth understanding of the research literature. Through comparative research, questionnaire survey method and empirical analysis method to carry on the empirical research, puts forward the mode of the vocational education courses teaching practice and operation security, to enrich teaching means, to serve the education of ideological and political theory lesson.Proposing praxis operation mode of ideological and political course can provide more effective teaching methods for the practice of conduct, the implementation of operational security can provide all aspects of support for the successful practice teaching, With the rich and colorful of the ideological and political teaching, greatly enhancing the enthusiasm of the students in the teaching process, improving the ideological and political quality, enhancementing social responsibility sense, Let them to vivid image to understand knowledge in participation in the process of practice, it’s conducive to make the knowledge internalization, improve teaching real results of Ideological and Political Education Courses, enhance students’ understanding of socialism with Chinese characteristics and analysis problem-solving skills.
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