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Research On The Problems Of Student Cultivation By University–Enterprise Cooperation For Three Applied Technology Universities

Posted on:2017-09-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L GuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330488969297Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Having our country entered the stage of popularization of higher education,applied technology university has been an inevitable choice adapting to change of economic growth mode and industrial structure adjustment. Meanwhile, applied technology university is also responsible for training high-quality vocational talents who accord with the modern social demand. While Gansu province is at a critical period of industrialized transformation, agricultural modernization initiation and new urbanization upgrading, cultivating students via adopting university-enterprise cooperation is the realistic approach for implementing the sustainable development of applied technology university.This study selected three applied technical universities in Gansu province by utilizing documentary analysis, questionnaire method and interview method from the aspect of the practice teaching, management system, support security system for student cultivation by university-enterprise cooperation. Through the questionnaire data statistic and comprehensive analysis, we found that three applied technical universities exist the problem of student cultivation by university-enterprise cooperation in practice teaching, practice time arrangement is unreasonable, practice model is few, lack of guidance, performance evaluation is not perfect etc. In the practical management also has problems, project of cultivating students is lack of effective participation of enterprise, evaluation isn't reflect the enterprise, student safety management of internship is not sound etc. In the support system has problems,the system construction is not perfect, educational investment is not enough and basic condition of students practice is weak etc.To solve these questions, the author induces the deep reason of these problems are mainly Lack of interest mechanism, not establish a good communication platform and the system construction is not sound. In order to strengthening student cultivation via university-enterprise cooperation at applied technical university, the study put forward three countermeasures and suggestions. Firstly, constructing the benefit mechanism of student cultivation via university-enterprise cooperation by universitiessupport enterprises from the aspects of talent and technology, enterprise provide the conditions and safeguard for college students cultivation, and the government should provide corresponding resource support for university-enterprise cooperation.Secondly, establishing university-enterprise cooperation platform for the students cultivation. Laying solid cooperation foundation, promoting the value of fusion and carrying out the multidisciplinary multi-level depth of effective cooperation. Thirdly,Improving the system construction, the government attaches great importance to the student cultivation via university- enterprise cooperation and universities promote the standardization of student cultivation via university- enterprise cooperation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Applied Technology University, University–Enterprise Cooperation, Student Cultivation
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