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The Strategy Research Of Divergent Thinking Training In The High School Biology

Posted on:2017-11-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330512462018Subject:Subject teaching
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Divergent thinking, as the most important element of the creative thinking, is the basic ability of being the creative people.And the features of different subjects should be considered when talking about the measure of divergent thinking.It is very necessary to revise the measuring scale of the divergent thinking in the high school biology, which has a basic influence in the cultivation strategy of high school biology divergent thinking.This thesis summarizes the divergent thinking and its physiological foundation, using the literature research methods and by the J.P.Guilford's creativity testing for reference, also the features of biology and the psychological characteristics of high school students, finally revised the measuring scale of divergent thinking of high school students in biology.After analyzing the data of measuring scale of high school students in biology, this thesis summarizes the teaching strategies of divergent thinking by the experimental approach and eventually gets the effective teaching methods of cultivation of divergent thinking in high school biology.
Keywords/Search Tags:Divergent thinking, Training of divergent thinking, Teaching strategy
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