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A Preliminary Study On The Training Of Divergent Thinking In The Chemistry Class Of Junior High School

Posted on:2017-04-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Divergent thinking is a key element of creative thinking,and it is important practical significance for the students to train their own creative ability and develop scientific thinking ability.Because of cultivating innovative talents needs and the requirement of deepening the quality education,the cultivation and training of the students’ divergent thinking ability is proposed in this study,which is based on the current new curriculum reform and chemistry teaching practice in the junior middle school.Based on this topic in the research of a large number of literature,the ways for the cultivation of the students’ divergent thinking ability and training are explored and studied in chemistry teaching of the junior middle schools from two aspects of theory and practice,considering the characteristics of middle school students and middle school chemistry discipline characteristic and the teaching practice.The object of this research is the class one and nine in the ninth grade Xima middle school in Xishui county,and two months of divergent thinking teaching practice was conducted.In the junior middle school chemistry teaching,the four basic principles of cultivation and training of divergent thinking,including incentiving and praising,openness and tolerance,situation to inspire and delaying evaluation,are put forward in the study.The students’ divergent thinking can be cultivated and trainned through four different forms,divergent questions,teaching design penetration,open questions and the map of divergent thinking.Two test scores about divergent thinking of the students results were analyzed by using the SPSS19.0 software and the following results are obtained.First,the training of divergent thinking and its teaching penetration is of great necessity and feasibility in the junior middle school chemistry teachingSecond,the enthusiasm of students learning chemistry can be aroused in junior middle school chemistry teaching and its penetrated teaching.Besides,the students with different levels of ability of divergent thinking level has been significantly improved;Third,most of the girls’ divergent thinking ability of divergent thinking ability is poor than boys.But their speed of improving divergent thinking ability is not slower than boys, and sometimes even increases faster than boys;In the end,the chemistry teachers can also gradually improve the students’ chemical literacy of divergent thinking and innovation through the way of teaching penetration and open questions in chemistry teaching.
Keywords/Search Tags:Divergent thinking, divergent innovation, thinking training, chemistry teaching
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