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Research On The Application Of Blended Teaching In SPOC Model Of MOOC Platform Based On The Course Of Child Psychology

Posted on:2018-03-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330512494626Subject:Education Technology
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With the rapid development of internet technology and continuous change of learning concept,the traditional teaching model can not able to meet people's growing demand for learning,so application of network technology in teaching is becoming more and more popular,and varieties of network teaching platform rise along with it.Some scholars think that network teaching will bring a great impact on the traditional teaching,because of the pen and sharing characteristics of network resources,especially the rise of the “MOOC storm”,caused a new upsurge in online learning.However,in recent years,the survey data found that the application of MOOC is not optimistic,such as the high dropout rate and high platform management cost.Under this circumstance,as a product of MOOC development in colleges and universities,SPOC owned the characteristics of MOOC as an online learning,but avoid some weakness.Compared with single traditional teaching or online learning,blended teaching combines the advantages of traditional teaching and online learning,which plays the leading role of teachers,also focuses on the subject position of students during learning.The study researches on the application of blended teaching in SPOC model of MOOC platform,based on the course of child psychology and the object of 16 th students major in special pedagogy.By reviewing the relevant literature,the paper summarized the development of MOOC at home and abroad and the characteristics of SPOC.Based on that,choosing the network teaching platform of Jiangxi Normal University,analyzes and studies the function of it,to provide guidance for teachers and students in specific operation process.In addition,it puts forward the development of online resources and the teaching design of “double master” mode based on the function of the platform.Finally,the paper designs a simple online + offline teaching process and the implementation of the program,to guide the implementation of blended teaching in the application process.The paper evaluates the application effect of blended teaching in SPOC model of MOOC platform through three aspects including the questionnaire of students,the teachers' interviews and the statistical data from the platform.Obtained the advantages and disadvantages of this teaching model,and reflections on problems,to provide reference and value for teachers in future to carry out blended teaching.Finally,Through the inadequacies of this study,make the research outlook.
Keywords/Search Tags:MOOC, SPOC, Blended Teaching, Application Research
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