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Research Of Design And Practice Based On SPOC College Basic Computer Courses In The Post MOOC

Posted on:2017-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330482980436Subject:The modern education technology
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In recent years, rapid development of massive open online course MOOC, today has entered the stage of diversification, and gradually evolves into a variety of online learning of new forms, so that MOOC development has entered "the Post MOOC era". This will bring profound influence to higher education, especially a new solution to change the traditional education idea, teaching mode, teaching system, teaching content and teaching methods,especially in the popular in recent years, this is SPOC(small private online courses). SPOC is a new model for some of the shortcomings of MOOC, or a new category that inspired by the MOOC, it is the successor to the MOOC development of inheritance, perfection and beyond.SPOC will combine the abundant high-quality MOOC resources with the advantages of traditional classroom, to form a mixed teaching mode, to realize the reconstruction and innovation of the teaching process. On the one side, SPOC enhances the school’s teaching quality; on the other hand, SPOC will promote the University’s brand effect. It, teaching by Blackboard platform, is the necessary structure and inevitable trend to adapt to the development of higher education in the information age. This is not only build a learning environment for the SPOC learning, but also provide a strong technical support for the development of the mixed mode.This paper is mainly based on domestic and foreign research background on the theory of deconstructionism,connectivism and other theories. And using a variety of methods such as literature, interview, and questionnaire to research. On the basis of comparing the advantages of MOOC and SPOC, this paper puts forward the teaching mode based on SPOC which is use of teaching related theory, based on the concept of blended or mixed learning.And the four core processes of the model: the front analysis, curriculum design, curriculum organization and teaching evaluation are analyzed in detail. Finally, the "information technology foundation" curriculum has been exploratory practiced, using the existed Blackboard platform in our school. And most students are willing to accept this teaching method, through the investigation and analysis of teaching effect, which provides a certain basis for the mixed teaching in our school.In this paper, we use SPOC to carry out teaching on the existing Blackboard platform, tomake the teaching mode mixing, the learning process network, and the diversification of learning methods. In this way, to mobilize students learning enthusiasm, stimulate students’ interest in learning, training their autonomous learning ability effectively, give full play to the student’s exploration spirit, the spirit of innovation and create the potential for and promote the students to keep on learning, and ultimately improve the efficiency of student learning.
Keywords/Search Tags:MOOC, SPOC, Mixed teaching, Flipped classroom
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