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Study On The Teaching Model Of Flipped Classroom Based On “MOOC+SPOC”

Posted on:2018-11-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The opening course teaching model represented by the MOOC has created opportunities for people's study and growth.As for colleges and universities,SPOC becomes the best model in putting MOOC into practice on campus,and provides a new thought for universities to welcome the reforming of teaching concept,teaching model and talent training model.Based on the research results,this thesis aims at forming a new model of “MOOC+SPOC lipped Classroom”,and trying to apply this model to the basic computer course in university.At last,according to the assessment of the learning results,the writer discover the problems of this model and update this model.This research contains three parts:Part 1: reading correlative literature,and analyzing the successful cases both at home and abroad,summarizing the definition and related theory bout MOOC and SPOC.Part 2:The model of “MOOC+SPOC Flipped Classroom” should be established from three points,containing Pre class preparation,the implementation of teaching activity and teaching assessment.Part 3:Illustrated by the case of the basic computer course in university,implementing teaching activity from frontal analysis and resource design,and then,assessing teaching performance from three items,including learning process,learning performance and students assessment.Part 4:Based on the teaching implementing process and the results of assessing teaching performance,this thesis finds the disadvantages of this model and gradually improves this model.
Keywords/Search Tags:MOOC, SPOC, flippedclassroom, teaching model, application study
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