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Research On Application Status Of MOOC In Y University Of Yunnan Province

Posted on:2020-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330578951238Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Stanford University President John Henness compared the MOOC to a "digital tsunami" in the history of education.As a traditional teaching unit,colleges and universities are facing opportunities and challenges.In the face of the wave of MOOC,how should colleges and universities take advantage of the trend,improve their teaching quality,integrate existing teaching resources,and improve their reputation.This article discusses these problems.In China,the Ministry of Education has issued the "Opinions of the Ministry of Education on Strengthening the Application and Management of Online Open Courses in Colleges and Universities" and "Online Open Course Construction and Application Management Measures" to actively promote the MOOC industry.On the economic front,consumer industries have escalated,and service-oriented consumption such as education has grown rapidly.In terms of society,teaching resources are increasingly enriched,and the number of national quality courses and courses is growing.The technology is becoming more and more mature and adapts to the development of colleges and universities.This paper first analyzes the background of the development of MOOC and Y University,explain the definition,classification,development status,SPOC and mixed teaching of MOOC.Secondly,questionnaires and interviews were conducted on the use status,existing problems,and influencing factors of Y's students,teachers,and university administrators.For some students to combine offline offline cloud desktop teaching system,smart classroom,multimedia classroom to carry out mixed teaching.It is found that the main method of Y University development of MOOC is to carry out the MOOC platform,and to carry out mixed teaching for some students in combination with offline cloud desktop teaching system,smart classroom and multimedia classroom.At present,the problem of the development of Y's MOOC course is that the students and teachers have a general understanding of the platform of Y's MOOC course.The quantity and quality of the curriculum are not in place,the teacher incentive policy is lacking,and the training of teachers' skills and teaching methods is insufficient.There is a lack of links in the evaluation of students,a mixed teaching management system is not in place,and there is a lack of cross-school cross-platform credit certification system.Thirdly,there are problems in educating,teaching,and funding in the MOOC.The external Y university administrators,teachers,educational technology,learners' motivation,and credit certificate exams have several obstacles to the MOOC.Finally,using SWOT and Porter's five-force model to analyze the advantages,disadvantages,opportunities and threats of the development of Y's MOOC course,after summarizing the research results of domestic and foreign MOOC experts,it is proposed from the aspects of platform construction,curriculum construction and teaching management.It is recommended to make plans for the platform of internal education,mixed teaching,and the construction of foreign colleges and universities.With the maturity of big data technology and artificial intelligence sensing technology,the development of MOOC will promote the online curriculum system and accumulate data in the process.The online course system and learning big data will become the data foundation for the development of Y's Education in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:MOOC, SPOC, Mixed teaching, Education management
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