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Problems And Countermeasure Researchs Of Computer Classroom Teaching Management In Secondary Vocational Schools

Posted on:2017-06-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Vocational education plays an important role in our education system,and it Trains a large number of outstanding technical talents for the society.The goal of the Secondary vocational school is to cultivate the studentsí professional ability.In the rapid development of the information age,Computer operating ability is the most basic work ability for the students to adapt to the professional post.In order to make the secondary vocational students have the basic ability to adapt to the professional post,the school offers the students Computer application basis courses.This is a basic course for training high quality workers and skilled talents in secondary vocational schools.During the teaching of the Computer application basis in secondary vocational school,teachers have a lot of problems in management of classroom teaching.The existence of these problems shows that teachersí management in classroom teaching is insufficient,which directly leads to the phenomenon of studentsí lacking of learning motivation in class,the emerging relationship between teachers and students,the bad performance of classroom discipline and the problems in the classroom behaviors.So it is a challenge for many computer teachers to solve these problems and improve the level of classroom management during the process of computer teaching.Through consulting the literature material,this research grasps the research topic and forms the research mentality.This research takes the questionnaire survey method as the main means to investigate the present situation of the computer classroom teaching management in the secondary vocational school.It also analyzes the problems,finds out the reason and puts forward the corresponding teaching management strategy through computer classroom teaching environment,the relationship between teachers and students,the organization and management of teaching resources,classroom discipline and teaching evaluation,so as to guide teachers to make corresponding changes in classroom teaching management,and increase the effectiveness of computer teachersí classroom teaching management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Secondary vocational school, computer class, classroom teaching management
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