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A Study On Social Practice Teaching Of The Ideological And Political Theory Course In Higher Vocational Colleges

Posted on:2017-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330512954682Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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With the party and the country attaches great importance to the development of higher vocational colleges and social development needs of high-quality specialized personnel,Higher vocational colleges are to cultivate hundreds of millions of highly skilled professionals for the country and society.These specialists not only need superb skills,but also a good ideological and political quality.Ideological and Political Theory Course in Higher Vocational College as the main channel,the main front of ideological and political education for Higher Vocational students,should actively promote the teaching reform and innovation,focusing on teaching social practice in order to consolidate the results of theoretical teaching.And social practice is to improve the ideological and political quality of students and practical ability are essential to promote the comprehensive development of its own.Therefore,social practice teaching of the Ideological and Political Theory Course in higher vocational colleges is the national and community colleges for vocational training high-quality talents,but also the need to reform the teaching of ideological and political theory,but vocational students’ all-round development It needs.To correct theory into students’ consciousness and the inner belief is inseparable from social practice teaching,social practice teaching of theIdeological and Political Theory Course in higher vocational colleges is an important way of consolidating the achievements of theoretical teaching and improving teaching effectiveness.This article starting a research on College Students’ Ideological and Political Theory Course in social practice teaching,following the idea of “ what ”,“ why ”,“how”.At first,it is necessary to understand the connotation and features of the concept of Ideological and Political Theory Course social practice teaching and the need to carry out social practice teaching in Higher Vocational colleges,to highlight the need of the characteristics of Higher Vocational College and of characteristics of vocational students specially.Secondly,by the form of questionnaires and interviews recorded,to conduct research for Ideological and Political Theory Course social practice teaching.The survey results show that Ideological and political theory course social practice teaching has been valued by higher vocational colleges and a certain development,but some problems are still existing,such as understanding is not profound,action is not in place,teaching content and form are enough new,appraisal system is not perfect and the teaching teams are insufficient,practical ability should be improved.At last,to solve problems of the Ideological and Political Theory Course social practice teaching in Vocational Colleges,the article put forward concrete strategies from raising awareness,optimize content,innovative forms,rational evaluation,team building,it is for HigherVocational College Ideological and Political Theory Course in Social practice teaching.
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