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Current Situation And Influencing Factors Of Career Identity Of Higher Vocational Students

Posted on:2017-09-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330512980529Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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Career identity refers to that the individuals give a positive comment about job based on the recognition.Career identity is of great importance to individual development.As an important part of individual socialization,the development of career identity related to the completion of individual socialization.Career identity is the key factor of individual career development,which plays an important role for the success of the individual career.The students from higher vocational schools are in a process of job hunting.Although they don't have a job,their career identity have been gradually developing during school education.It is important to comprehend the situation of vocational students' career identity development and to reinforce the career identity education,which can not only satisfy the need of enhancing the quality of education and the requirements of corporation on employee,but also meet the requirements of comprehensive development of the students themselves.The study aims at surveying the current development of students' career identity in all campuses,analyzing the factors affecting students' career identity,and exploring the path for improving career identity of the student in higher vocational school ascension by taking Tianjin for an example.The survey results show that Tianjin vocational students' career identity development is in a good level,but also needs to be further improved;students' professional identity is greatly affected by their grade?source of student ? gender and other personal factors;students' self-identity ?professional identity and career planning can significantly predict their career identity;students' career planning acts as mediator between their professional identity and career identity.Based on this,the author proposes and validates a structural equation model of influencing factors of vocational students' career identity.On the basics of the analysis about the current situation and influencing factors of career identity of the student in higher vocational school,the study explores the path for improving career identity of the student in higher vocational schools.The government should increase the support for vocational education and pay more attention to the training of professional personnel;enterprises should deeply participate in professional training,fully taking the unique advantage of itself.The colleges,first and foremost,have a clear recognition of higher vocational schools' personal training goal of enhancing the students' comprehensive vocational abilities;Secondly,the colleges should intensify the school-enterprise cooperation andpersonnel training mode of work-study combination,and establish a better system of vocational college students career guidance;Last but not least,the colleges should set a career-oriented discipline closely related to students' career.Vocational students should stick to improving self-recognition,developing their career identity,increasing the exploration of the career world and planning their self-career positively.
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