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The Comparative Study Of Entertainment-Education Persuade Effect In Cross-Strait College Students

Posted on:2018-05-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330515460158Subject:Journalism and communication
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Entertainment-Education(E-E)with the purpose of education and means of entertainment has become an important way to convey ideas and achieve social enlightenment.It can not only make up for the shortcomings of traditional education,but also is not easy to produce the audience’s anti debate.On the one hand,this paper takes the ecological environmental conservation film Fly Away Home as an example,to explore whether there is an impact on the pro-ecological attitude and behavioral intention through watching the ecological conservation film?On the other hand,in the face of status quo that same root on both sides of the Taiwan Straits,but because of differences between geographical,historical,ethnic reasons in the social system,ideology,cultural cognition,is there any difference to analyze the effectiveness of cross-strait Entertainment-Education between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait in the cross-cultural perspective?Based on the literature study of Entertainment-Education,the effects of persuasion and cross-culture,the eight research hypotheses are put forward.First of all,the researchbased on the Elaboration Likelihood Model(ELM)to define the effects of the two ways of persuasion,that is,the core and peripheral.Pre-experimental design of experiment method was taken outwith the help of questionnaire survey.Taking college students as the research objects,and thestudents were divided into experimental group and control group for comparison.This study designed two experiments and test for different college students.In the experiment A,the experimental group A was asked to watch the ecological conservation film Fly away Home in the same space and after that to fill in the questionnaireimmediately,but the control group A fill in the questionnaire without watching the film.After testing the reliability and validity of the questionnaire,the data were analyzed by independent t-test,single factor analysis of variance and regression analysis.Analysis showed that pro-ecological attitude and behavioral intentions of subjects who have seen the movie are significantly more positive compared to those who have not,transportation effect and identification with character are correlated,transportation and identification both positively related to pro-ecological attitude,and pro-ecological attitude positively influences behavioral intentions.In the experiment B,the experimental group B was asked to watch the ecological conservation film Fly away Home in the same space and fill in the questionnaire afer seven days,and the control group B fill in the questionnaire without watching the film.Through data analysis,the auther draw the conclusion that pro-ecological attitude and behavioral intentions of subjects who have seen the movie are nosignificant difference compared to those who have not after seven days.Comparative analysis method was used after that,compared with the results of Yang Yaqi in Taiwan in 2013,the results show that the conclusions of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait are the same in the immediate effect of persuasion.Film,as a means of Entertainment-Education,have a convincing effect on the audience of both sides of the Taiwan Strait.But this persuasion effect is only short-term persuasion effect,there is no long-term effect.Based on the data analysis results,as well se the similarities and differences between the two sides of the Strait and the obstacles existing in the cultural exchange,this paper probes into the feasibility of promoting the ideological and cultural exchanges between the two sides through the means of Entertainment-Education,and puts forward some suggestions:Adhere to the personalized communication strategy of Entertainment-Education;Focus on Entertainment-Education to improve their own content;Expand the quantities and channels of Entertainment-Education activitiesto strengthen Cross-strait cultural exchanges.
Keywords/Search Tags:Entertainment-Education, Persuasion Effect, Cross-cultural Comparative across the Taiwan Strait
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