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The Governance Environmental Reaserch On CBA Professional Sports League Under The Symbiosis Vison

Posted on:2016-06-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330473459958Subject:Humanities and sociology
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Based on symbiosis theory, Taken the CBA professional sports league as the main object of study, combined with the experience of Western countries governance and professional sports league, by the literature research, case studies, comparative analysis, normative analysis, deductive reasoning and other research methods, summed professional sports league has three basic characteristics:natural monopoly, the joint venture by club’s co-production, the symbiotic by pursuing balance of competition, this study also by dividing symbiotic environment into the internal and external environment, This paper focuses on the professional sports leagues through what a series of systems to manage the symbiotic relationship between the various elements of the internal environment to promote the overall competitive balance of the league, thus discusses the relationship between the external environmental factor such as political, economic, cultural and the CBA league.This study suggest that:the access system, revenue sharing system and the player transfer system are the effectively institutional arrangements to promote the overall competitive balance of the league and to maintain the elements of symbiosis relationship from the league’s internal environment, CBA adopted the closed access formal regulated the club its own building, but with the number of clubs increased, also increased the consumption of symbiosis and resulted in symbiotic decreasing; On the revenue sharing system, with constraints of the traditional concept and Sports institutional, CBA professional sports league in the prize pool (Business sponsorship) as the main form of share, there are still some gaps compared with the television revenue as the main form of sharing in developed countries such as Europe and America; on the system of player transfers, the identity of the players are sophisticated in CBA, did not form a free transfer market, not to mention playing a role to the overall competitive balance of the league.Based on the above, this research choose the political system which the direct action of sports system for CBA factors task of the external environmental, economic and cultural (ideas) for general environmental factors, suggest that:By the (Sports) political system dominant role of top-down, the organizational structure, objective function is difficult to reflect the fundamental interests of the investors in CBA league, which led the league system is relatively closed, formed a stong path dependence on the planned economy thinking, difficult to apply the Chinese economy, culture great changes in social environment.Finally, two case studies and evaluation further demonstrates CBA professional sports league currently existing problems and according to those issues this study made some relevant recommendations and measures.
Keywords/Search Tags:symbiosis, professional sports league, CBA, governance environment, competitive balance
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