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A Study On The Professional Development Of Newly Recruited High School Mathematics Teachers

Posted on:2018-07-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Social education,family education,and school education are often seen as three branches of education,among which school education is the most critical part.Teachers,as the main implementer of school education,their educational level and professional development have a profound impact on the quality of education.With the reform and development of basic education curriculum in our country,the teaching idea,educational goal,teaching content and standard of mathematics curriculum have undergone profound changes,which means the requirements of mathematics teachers are getting higher and higher,not only to have a good professional basis,but also the stamina for future development.How to adapt to the new situation,and maintain a sustained and good development trend,is a new task placed in front of each mathematics teacher.It is a very urgent issue,especially for those who have just taken teaching as their jobs,to plan their own professional development,and grow up as soon as possible.At present,in most schools,there is a big gap between the new mathematics teachers and experienced staff in the level of education and teaching,which leads to many problems in their development.For instance,although they have a good professional basis,they have difficulties blending into the classroom,as well as not knowing how to start in teaching and scientific researches despite the enthusiasm.Besides,problems likes poor self-assessment ability,lack of good self-planning,not knowing how to enhance their teaching level,are all in their way.All these phenomena are related to a fundamental problem,that is,the issue of the professional development path of newly recruited math teachers.Therefore,finding the solution to this problem isof great importance to the overall level of teachers’ group and its continued development.This paper takes the high school mathematics teachers as the starting point,through investigations on specific problems in the professional development of newly recruited math teachers,analyses the survey results,and seeks for the approaches and strategies of their professional development.This paper is divided into five chapters.Chapter One,Introduction.This chapter introduces the background,purpose and significance of the thesis.With the assistance of a large number of literatures,it introduces the research results of scholars at home and abroad,and gives the research ideas of this paper.Chapter Two,research on the professional development of newly recruited high school math teachers.This chapter introduces the concepts of newly recruited math teachers,teachers’ professional development and professional development of new newly recruited high school mathematics teachers,as well as the evaluation standard of teachers’ professional development at home and abroad.Chapter Three,an investigation of the status of the newly recruited high school mathematics teachers and its causes.This chapter introduces the methods and survey objects of questionnaire survey and interview,and statistically analyzes the results of the survey.Chapter Four,the professional development approaches and strategies of newly recruited high school mathematics teachers.From the multi-angle of the school,the teacher itself and the society,this chapter proposes ways to promote the professional development of new teachers.Chapter Five,Summary and Prospect.
Keywords/Search Tags:Newly recruited teachers, High school mathematics, Professional development
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