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The Case Study Of Kindergarten-based Training In Newly-founded Private Kindergarten Of Hohhot

Posted on:2014-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the economic development and increasingly deepening reformof education, improving comprehensive strength is heavily relying onthe cultivation of talents. One’s lifelong education begins from hisearly childhood, during which period infantile educators play asignificant role in pushing forward high level education. In December2012, Ministry of Education drew up Professional Standard forKindergarten Teachers(Trial) to promote their development by makingthe Standard as reference of staff management. According to it, akindergarten should make long-term plan for teachers’ professionaldevelopment with stress on their ideals and morals to nurture theirresponsibility and dedication; and begin studies onkindergarten-based training; complete the assessing system onteachers’ responsibility and the effectiveness of managing system ofkindergarten. Kindergarten-based training is set to satisfy thepractical need and solve practical problems with full concerning aboutthe development of teachers and children. It is an effective trainingform to raise the professional level of teachers and the kindergarten’screative design on its own courses. It can also update the teachingideals of elder staff and elevate the professional level of backboneteachers, as well as the newly recruited teachers, in which way thekindergarten will develop in an comprehensive way with differentstratifications of teachers from bottom to top. Thus research onkindergarten-based training is meaningful in the sense of elevatingfurther development of teachers and children.Given the loosely organized and distributive characteristics of newlybuild kindergartens, this paper probes into the problems and difficulties in the first stage of practicing kindergarten-based trainingthrough three months field studies in a private kindergarten inHohhot—the North Frontier Grace Kindergarten. Through organizing,synthesizing and analyzing the data and files collected, this paper willcome up with policies to settle the problems and raise thecomprehensive managing level of newly built kindergartens and theirteachers’ quality.This paper contains three major parts. The first clarifies theresearch background and purposes with a comprehensive review oftheoretical achievement on kindergarten-based training. This will laythe theoretical foundation of arguing the necessity and practicality ofpracticing kindergarten-based training. In the following part it willpresent the case study of North Frontier Grace through questionnairesand summarize its problems based on observed results and thecollected answers. The final part mainly puts up with directlyconcerned policies in solving the problems mentioned above,referring to the National Standard in the aim of effectively completingkindergarten-based training and promoting its further developmentand the teachers’ professional level....
Keywords/Search Tags:newly built kindergarten, kindergarten-basedtraining, professional development of newly recruited teachers
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