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Study On The Influential Factors Of Professional Development Of Newly Recruited Chinese Teachers In High Schools In Xiao County, Anhui Province

Posted on:2018-07-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330515470102Subject:Subject teaching (Language)
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Research on the professional development of newly recruited teachers has gradually gained attention since 2000,so as research enthusiasm increased year by year.However,there are few studies on newly recruited teachers in high school period and Chinese subject.It is hoped that this study will analyze the influencing factors of the professional development of the newly recruited Chinese teachers and the strategies.It will help them broaden their professional development path,accelerate the pace of their professional development,and finally improve the teaching quality of newly recruited Chinese teachers.Based on the importance of Chinese language in high school,newly recruited Chinese language teachers in Xiaoxian area of Anhui province were taken as the research object,personal influencing factors of professional development of teachersí group were researched from perspective of the school segmentation and disciplinization.In view of the guidance of teaching practice position,newly recruited Chinese teachers in high school were investigated and interviewed in-depth from the aspects such as book reading and network reading,reflection of practical teaching activities,teaching and scientific research achievements,to sum up the status of those professional development,focusing on the development of the subjectí knowledge updating,personal practical knowledge accumulation,teaching and research ability forging.On this foundation,this study gives some suggested strategies from three dimensions of cognitive strengthening,experiential construction and action shaping on the development of this group.Classic,specialization and encyclopedia reading should be encouraged,reflective attitude should be rectified,and reflective consciousness should be filled in the whole process.The reflections of practical teaching activities need to be enhanced,to keep up with leading pace of the subject.Teachers should change positioning from the practice of practitioners to the practice of researchers,from teaching to the length of teaching and learning.
Keywords/Search Tags:High school segmentation, Chinese subject, Newly recruited Chinese teachers, Professional development, Indwelling influencing factors
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