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"The State Training Program" Participated Biology Teachers Training Needs Research In Henan Province

Posted on:2018-01-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In this study,229 participants of the replacement of full-time training class of junior high school and "national training plan" of biology teacher's project hosted in Henan Normal University from 2013 to 2016 are studied.The current situation and the training needs of participating biology teachers are investigated.Questionnaire survey,interview method,observational method and other research methods are used in the investigation.The current situation of the training includes the basic situation of the participants,the training experience and the training motives.The training needs of the participants include the demand for the overall training and the need for their own professional development.1 The results of the demand for the overall training suggest that,(1)regarding the training teachers,the front-line teachers and college experts are preferred.(2)in terms of form,the participating teachers prefer case analysis and classroom observation.(3)regarding the training management,most participants believe that they should be self-restraint and self-management.(4)in terms of test methods,the participating teachers prefer Self-evaluation and mutual evaluation.(5)regarding the training course resources,teachers hold that should give priority to the use of "national" national training program 'training resource library resources ".(6)in terms of the training content,the teachers need the content that can be theory with practice and to solve the problem of junior high school biology teaching.2 The results of the need for their own professional development show that,(1)in terms of education and teaching,teachers are more interested in the contents of "professional philosophy" and "subject teaching knowledge".(2)regarding the education and teaching ability,teachers mentioned that the need to further improve the "efficient classroom teaching activities to create capacity" and "experimental teaching activities of the design innovation ability".(3)in the area of educational research,teachers are most interested in the content of "efficient classroom creation research".(4)in the management of the class service,the teachers believe that the need to increase the content of "good habits of students,learning habits and training" and "how to use a variety of activities to develop students' collective sense of honor,cohesion and the sense of discipline ".(5)In improving the training of teachers' education and scientific research ability,teachers are most interested in "how to use research results for teaching practice".In view of the research results,the author also put forward some preliminary suggestions:(1)Teachers should be clear training needs and set training objectives,correct attitude to learn to improve the enthusiasm of the training,apply their knowledge to the practical purpose.(2)The contractor should be on-demand training and develop a reasonable training program,stratified training and develop multiple training mode,follow the training and do a good job of supervision and guidance.(3)Government departments and rural junior middle school should strengthen the propaganda work and carry on the ideological education,standard selection system and To do a good job of selection,improve the management system and do a good job of protection work.
Keywords/Search Tags:national training plan, rural junior middle school, biology teachers, need for training
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