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The Implementation Of Intensive Training In Rural Sichuan PE Teachers "national Training Plan" Short-term Investigation And Research

Posted on:2014-11-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330425955334Subject:Physical Education and Training
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“Countries culture plan” is put forward in order to improve the primaryand secondary school teachers,especially the teachers of rural primary and secondaryschool teachers,the balanced development of compulsory education,the promotion ofbasic education reform,to improve the quality of rural education.But with thedeepening of teaching reform,presents the enrichment of teaching content and theinnovation of teaching method,pay more attention to the development of adolescenthealth of body and mind and the sustainable development of education cause in thefuture,therefore study of rural teachers “countries culture plan” is very urgent for theeducation desicion-making departments,is also an applied research projects havingimportant realistic significance.This article through the literature material law,questionnaire surveymethod,interview method,mathematical ststistics research methods,etc.It is analyingthe training sistuation on the rural primary and secondary school physical educationteachers in Sichuan province “countries culture plan”,mainly from the basic situationabout the training unit and the training specialist and the participation of students,thetraining and implementation plan,and the degree of understanding about the concepetof “national culture”,the setup and arrangement of course content and teachers’satisfaction,and teachers’ability,etc.To summed up the advantages and disadvantagesin the training process,and put forward related suggestions on the research results.Specific findings:Organization and management and arrangement og training unit is reasonable;The overall attitude and motivation of the training PE teachers are good;The is training is fewer and shorter about the rural primary and secondary schoolphysical education teachers’“cultivation plan” in Sichuan province;The training content of the “cultivation plan” should accord with basic needs,butthe lack of the combination of theory with practice;To participate in training the comprehensive ability of PE teachers in ruralprimary and middle schools in Sichuan province has improved but without a majorbreakthrough. Put forward relevant suggestions follows:To further improve the participation teacher and their unit understanding of “theculture plan”;Increasing propaganda,the promotion of the cultivation plan,from unifiedunderstanding,and gradually expand the training of personnel;The training contents of rural primary and secondary school physical educationteachers’“cultivation plan” in Sichuan province should implement the principle ofcombining theory with practice;To increase the number of training,and extend the time of training;Summary of training experience,and establish communication platform after thetraing,attaches great importance to the late tracking guidance work.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sichuan province, rural primary and secondary schools, physicaleducation teachers, the cultivation plan
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