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Study On The Effectiveness Of National Training Plan For Chinese Backbone Teacher Rural Primary School

Posted on:2016-12-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330461486582Subject:Adult Education
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As an important part of education, education in rural is of great significance to promote the development of basic education and to improve the country’s overall level of education. However, our country rural education has a series of problems right now, such as large population, shortage of resources, weak foundation and so on, which Indicates education already cannot satisfy the need of reality to a great extent. The elementary Chinese as the foundation of the foundation of Chinese subject and other teaching subjects, shoulders great mission, but still existing many problems, especially in Chinese teaching field of rural area.Duo the imitation and strong plasticity characteristics, the status of elementary school Chinese subject and its problem in some field, the training of elementary school Chinese subject becomes more important. So does the research of quality of training.In order to put forward to enhance the effectiveness of training, this paper studied on the rural primary school language teachers training of national training plan in Sichuan province and analyzed the factors to the effectiveness of the training through the result of evaluation.Since 2010, the time of national training plan implemented by Sichuan normal university has not been long and the related research is not too much. The research aspect on primary school language training has not yet born. So this paper use a breaking research method with fuzzy comprehensive model to overcome the shortage of traditional methods limitation on result evaluation in a quantitative way, which hopes to do little contribution to the related researches.This paper consists of four parts. Firstly, national training plan(2014) in Sichuan Province and the investigation of the basic situation of rural primary school teachers in training. Secondly, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness of national training plans. Thirdly, analysis of the factors affecting the effectiveness of training. Fourthly, the research on Countermeasures to enhance the effectiveness of training. This paper used questionnaire survey to investigated the satisfaction of trainees from four aspects, utilized the fuzzy comprehensive model to evaluate the effectiveness of training, and analyzed the influence factors of the effectiveness of training by SPSS19.0, Excel and other software’s.Through research and analysis, the following conclusions can be reached. Firstly, according to the principle of maximum membership degree, the result of comprehensive judgment on national training plan(2014) of rural primary school teachers training in Sichuan province is "satisfactory" and the level of decision on membership degree is 0.3978. Secondly, the factors affecting the effectiveness of training includes training of teachers, the regional differences, training content, and training management and so on. Thirdly, the enhance effectiveness of national training plan was discussed frame three aspects, training institutions, training teachers, system model. For example, more attention should be paid on examination of the qualifications of trainees and more works should be done to improve the teachers’ sense of identity and self-consciousness of criticism. Comprehensive assessment on the qualification of participating train institutions should be valued and cross distribution model of training should be utilized. More reasonable training goals training content and training methods should be set up, taking the teachers’ professional development and adult learning theory as a clue, based on the needs of students. Multi aspect and multi subject evaluation of training results should be considered taking the development evaluation concept of teacher as a guide. Reasonable arrangements should be taken by the trainees to solve the contradiction of learning and working. The network teaching platform should be established and the learning community should be formatted based on the situated learning theory.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sichuan Province, Primary school of teachers, "National training plan", effectiveness of training
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