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The Research Of The Working Time Law System Of China

Posted on:2018-03-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Nowadays,China is reforming in every respect,which leads the traditional management to elaborate management of our country and society.Elaborate management takes the Scientific Outlook on Development as guide and attaches importance to quality as well as law.The reform of Working Time Law System of China is an important respect in Chinese reform.Now,on the one hand,a lot of employers in China disobey the Working Time Law System so that employees are unable to relax and balance their work with personal life.Indeed,some employees die of overwork.On the other hand,plenty of employees pay attention to their relax rights and hope that they will balance work with personal life according to Chinese labour law.However,the Working Time Law System of China lasts over 20 years,which exposes a series of problems.These problems need to be researched.This paper will do the research of the Working Time Law System of Mainland China,including the Working Time and its Flexibility of Taiwan Province in China and Japan,and the subject of 2.5 Days' Holiday Pattern in Mainland China by means of literature.Based on the research above,this paper will find out a series of problems in Working Time Law System of Mainland China,such as the conflict and holes of articles,the fuzzy articles,the fuzzy law levels and the unadapted working time system,etc.Therefore this paper will make suggestions about how the Working Time Law System of Mainland China would be better and put forward some plans to solve the problems in Working Time Law.The Innovation Points in this paper are the analysis of 2.5 Days' Holiday Pattern,the design of overtime control articles and the Better Working Time Law System that I make,etc.The goal of this paper is to make a better Working Time Law System including Working Time Flexibility in China so that it can offer employees the balance between work and personal life.
Keywords/Search Tags:Standard Working Time, Special Working Time, Extend working time, Flexibility of Working Time, Establishment of Better Working Time Law System
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