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Research On The Coordination Between The Specialty Setup Of Higher Vocational Education And The Development Of Local Industry

Posted on:2018-11-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The state and society pay much attention to the higher vocational education,and continuously strengthen the education system reform and innovation,which will be more autonomy first put to vocational colleges,more and more colleges and universities also according to their own situation choice is provided with a plurality of professional,if the higher vocational institutions offering professional services to meet the local economic development and the upgrading of the industrial structure can promote the progress of the higher education and society.If the professional setting canít satisfy the development of local industries,for graduates will be faced with great pressure on employment,for higher vocational colleges will waste valuable educational resources,or even hinder the economic and social development.Based on this,this paper to higher vocational colleges in Ningbo City as an example,focusing on the development of research in higher vocational professional settings and local industry the coordination problem,this article mainly uses the research methods have observation,interviews,action research method and literature analysis method,the full text is divided into several parts as follows:The first part is the introduction,which mainly introduces the research meaning of this paper,the significance of the research and the literature review at home and abroad.The second part is the definition of professional setting and industrial structure of higher vocational education.Based on the theory of western higher education,this paper expounds the connotation of the profession,the principles and influencing factors of the professional setting of higher vocational education,and analyzes the relationship between the professional setting and the industrial structure.The third part analyzes the present situation of the industrial structure of Ningbo city.Based on the general situation of the industrial structure of Ningbo City,this paper introduces the internal structure of the industry in Ningbo and the development trend in the future.The fourth part mainly introduces the current situation of the professional setting of N Higher Vocational Colleges in Ningbo and the analysis of the industrial synergy.Ningbo n the specialty setting in Higher Vocational Colleges and industrial cooperation are the problems which are professional settings relate to local economic development is not close,professional failed to fit the focus on the development of the local economy,lack of dual qualified teachers and practice guidance teachers,vocational colleges lack of high repetition rate and enterpriseís effective communication and vocational colleges set consists of five aspects are pointed out.The fifth part puts forward the countermeasures and suggestions to strengthen the professional setting and the industrial structure.Focus from the government level,school level and social aspects of the three aspects of the relevant countermeasures.The sixth part is the summary of the full text and research prospects.
Keywords/Search Tags:higher vocational colleges, specialty setting, local industry, synergy
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