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Investigation And Analysis Of Extracurricular Physical Exercise Of Students In Provincial Higher Vocational And Technical Colleges In Guiyang

Posted on:2018-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Competition in twenty-first Century is the competition of talents.With the rapid development of China’s economy,the demand for talents in various fields of society is also increasing.The higher occupation education is an important part of higher education,play an important role in cultivating senior technical talents for the society,talent cultivation is the higher occupation colleges with all-round development in moral,intellectual and physical responsibility,but also social development.This requires students in Higher Vocational Colleges to have both professional skills and healthy bodies,so as to take part in the future work.This research mainly using the method of literature,questionnaire,mathematical statistics and comparative analysis of the status quo of higher occupation technical college students to participate in extracurricular physical exercise in Guiyang area were investigated.The results showed that:(1)Guiyang provincial higher vocational college physical education teachers structure showyoung;site equipment is not enough,seriously the influence of college students after-school sports training needs;some students do not fully understand the health.(2)the Provincial Vocational College Students in Guiyang to participate in extracurricular physical exercise attitude is not optimistic,nearly half of the students hold negative attitude to the extracurricular physical exercise;exercise motivation is good,the health promotion activities;frequency and time shortage;site selection is more concentrated in the school;three sports college students the love involved are: badminton,basketball and table tennis;extracurricular physical exercise form with like-minded partners.(3)there is a gender difference in Provincial Higher Vocational College Students in Guiyang to participate in extracurricular physical exercise situation: on the one hand,the boys love after-school sports more than girls;motivation,boys tend to pay more attention totheir own interests,female figure;the choice of the project,the boys love direct physical confrontation,girls love vibration competition intensity is small,no physical contact;at the time,the frequency of boys are higher than girls;form,boys love with like-minded partners to exercise,and to love girls dormitory and class partners to participate in extracurricular sports activities.(4)there are differences in the basic situation of the provincial colleges types of Vocational College Students in Guiyang to participate in extracurricular physical exercise,the specific performance: four types of Vocational College Students’ extracurricular physical exercise in the exercise motivation,space and form no significant difference;in the exercise attitude,time and frequency,and Law(Guizhou Police Officer Vocational College)was significantly better than that of colleges the other three colleges;in the selection exercise,and Law College(Guizhou Police Officer Vocational College),general(Guizhou Career Technical College)(Guizhou College of engineering and construction of Career Technical College)college students choose the project before three are: badminton,basketball and table tennis.In addition to badminton and table tennis,the students in the medical(Guiyang Nursing Vocational College)college have a rather low interest in basketball,but have a special liking for skipping rope.(5)the subjective factors of students in Higher Vocational Colleges in Guiyang province to participate in extracurricular sports activities is too inert,lack of interest,poor motor skills;the objective factor is the limited space,learning tight,no time,lack of teacher guidance.Suggest:(1)Guizhou provincial education administrative departments should improve policies,strengthen supervision and management,and promote the healthy development of physical education in Higher Vocational Colleges in Guiyang province.(2)the college leaders should strengthen the degree of attention to extracurricular sports activities,physicaleducation teachers,physical education teachers’ organizational learning,enhance the ability of physical education,physical education teachers arrange in-depth extracurricular sports activities in the frontline,guide college students in extracurricular sports activities.(3)to improve the construction of sports facilities,strengthen the management of extracurricular sports in Guiyang,such as individual colleges and universities have begun the implementation of the "campus sports world" mobile phone software,can effectively promote the students to participate in extracurricular sports activities in the exercise;at the same time,increase the propaganda,sports health lectures and after-school sports the game,encouraging students to participate in extracurricular sports activities.(4)the institutions according to their professional characteristics,combined with the actual situation of students,has set up the occupation sports utility project selectivity and purpose,guiding students to extracurricular physical exercise,for students in the future work to lay a solid foundation in the body;at the same time to understand the interest of the students,respect the students,improve the construction of students.Sports as soon as possible the site required to meet the needs of students’ extracurricular physical exercise.(5)follow the male and female have other principles,face up to the differences of male and female students in physical and mental,students in the after-school sports training process,the new sports selection of male and female students are able to participate in the badminton,table tennis etc.
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