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The Case Study Of The “Unity Of Three Ways” Chinese Reading Teaching In The Perspetive Of The Theory Of Harmony

Posted on:2018-08-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Sincetwenty-first Century,Zhang Liwen,a famous contemporaryphilosopher,comes up witha theory called harmony theory,which can help us to resolve conflicts.This thesis combines the harmonytheoryand Chinesereadingteachinginmiddleschooltodealwiththeralationshiobetween teachers,textsandstudunts.Therearefivechaptersinthisthesis.Chapter one is an introduction,including an analysis of the background of the questions,an illustration of the aim and significance of the thesis,a summary of domestic researches of harmony theory and Chinese reading teaching in middle school and slsodefines the core concepts.This thesis raisesthe“unityofthreeways”Reading Teachingisateachingprocesseswhichputsahighvalueon students' living and studing,focuses on their emotion needs to let them behave creatively about Chinese language and words and have the chance to be individuals.It has four sections.Firstly,skimming and knowing the main content of the article.Secondly,comprehending the emotionofthearticle.Thirdly,tryingtoasksomevaluablequestionsaboutthearticle.Fourthly,relating the knowledge learned from the article to their own lives.Chapter two is the part of empirical research and the problem presentation.The first part is to master the present situation at the teaching of Chinese reading in middle school.The second part is analysing the problem between teachers,studentsandtextsonthebasisof Dataanalysisandprocessing.Fromthedata,theteachingofreading in middle school sometimes only points contents,sometimes examination,sometimes the preparation.The third part is reserching the source of present problems.The concerned reasons are mainly as follows:teaching only based on Chinese knowledge,teaching only based on academic records,teachingonly basedontheperformanceofstudents.Chapter threeis thepractical exploration ofthisthesis.Firstly,thispartexplainsthereasonwhyusethisreseachmethod.Secondly,commenting on the four types of teaching methods and analysing the value of”Three ways-in-one”.Chapter four is the proposal for the teaching of reading combined with case study and value resrach.Firstly,we shoud follow the rule of our native language.Secondly,respect the student independent but not “free at last”.Thiedly,teachers shoud improve themselves in traditional cultures,reflective spirit andChineselevel.In summary,the thesis sought to unite teachers,students and texts in harmony,while attracting the attention of educators and the front line teachers,refining the Chinese reading teaching in middle school.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chinese reading in middle school, subjectivity, unity of three ways, value orientation
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