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Col Lege Studentsí Tacit Truancy Behavior Research Based On Personal Cognition And Behavior

Posted on:2018-07-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330515494681Subject:Principles of Education
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College studentsí truancy is an important factor influencing the order of teaching and teaching quality in colleges and universities.With the strict implementation of the college studentsí attendance system,the tacit truancy has become a new problem for colleges and teachers in the management of students.In this study,questionnaire and scale survey were conducted on the basis of interviews.210 students of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei 985,211 and the other colleges and universities were selected as the research subjects.The questionnaire surveyed the general situation of studentsítacit truancy,the specific behavior,the type of course and the reasons;the scale further investigated the specific cognitive and behavioral performance of college students in different sex,different grades and different schools,and analyzed the differences and their relevance.The following problems are concluded:First,the students are not aware of effects and seriousness of tacit truancy;public elective courses are particularly serious;most students are mainly attributed tacit truancy to external reasons;And second,the boys in some cognition behavior are not as good as girls;low grade does better in tacit truancy than the senior;985,211 and the other colleges and universities in tacit truancy have no significant difference.Through the analysis of the problems of studentsí tacit truancy in six colleges and universities,the author summarizes the following reasons:the lack of motivation and the weak will for students;the teaching content is lagging behind and the curriculum is unreasonable;teachers low teaching methods and improper management;test methods and systems are not appropriate;different gender,different grades of students have different needs.And suggestions are come up with:stimulate the studentsí initiation and interest;optimize course setup and improve the teaching management mode;improve the teachersí quality and the way of teaching methods;update evaluation methods;carry out targeted education in different sex,different grades,different major and even different types of school students and guide students to plan their career.
Keywords/Search Tags:college students, tacit truancy, learning interest, cognition and behavior
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