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Research On Correction Strategies And Truancy Phenomenon Of Students In Higher Vocational School

Posted on:2016-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330488479365Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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Truancy phenomenon is a common phenomenon of violating discipline of students.The severity of the truancy phenomenon reflects the construction level of school and the quality of personnel training.Due to different levels and different types of schools,the form of students skipping classes is different for different reasons and severity.Higher vocational education belongs to college level of higher education,and shoulders the responsibility of training advanced talents;Higher vocational education belongs to the category of the vocational education and has the essential position in the modern vocational education system.Higher vocational education shoulders the responsibility of training all occupations of the senior applied talents.Accompanied with the process of popularization of higher education,enrollment system reform of higher vocational college,and the lessened education quality of vocational colleges,the learning enthusiasm of higher vocational college students is greatly reduced.Studentsí truancy phenomenon is becoming more and more serious,which greatly influences the quality of talent cultivation of higher vocational schools.Based on T city vocational college students as research object,this paper adopts empirical approach to understand the present situation of the vocational college students truancy phenomenon,combining with the literature method which cleared the students skipping class behavior and analyzed the reasons of skipping class.From the point of improving students learning,improving teachersí teaching level and strengthening school education quality management,the paper puts forward the countermeasures and suggestions to solve the problem of students skipping classes.Speculative method is used to study students truancy phenomenon and correction strategy.Its advantage is as for the analysis of the influence factors and discussion of the correct strategy.Speculative method can not only make the analysis of all kinds of factors more accurate,but also make the correction strategy have more pertinence and feasibility.The research on higher vocational studentsí truancy phenomenon shows something below.The studentsí factors are the basic factors and the internal causes.Teachersí factors are the direct factors for the cognitive formation and development of behavior.School environmental factors are a precipitating factor for higher vocational studentsí truancy phenomenon.Social environmental factors are the inducing factors of cognitive formation and development of behavior.Correcting skipping class behavior of higher vocational students must also be cut from the following four aspects:First of all,teachers should correct studentsí bad study habits,setting up studentsí clear learning objectives,fostering studentsí professional learning enthusiasm,improving studentsí ability of self-management.Secondly,we teachers must improve the teaching level,perfect the teaching content,reform teaching mode,strengthen the responsibility sense of teaching and teachersípersonality charm to improve the class teaching management mechanism and ascension appeal.Thirdly,colleges are required to attach great importance to teaching and learning,optimizing curriculum,stressing on control of teaching quality,perfecting testing,strengthening the construction of campus culture.Fourthly,the society should be created a favorable environment,optimizing network environment and strengthening employment guidance.This paper summarizes the problems in the teaching management in higher vocational colleges,and strengthens the empirical research on the teaching management in higher vocational colleges.
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