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Study On Coordinated Development Between Talent-Highland Construction And High-Tech Industry In Shaanxi Province

Posted on:2019-03-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330566967679Subject:Regional Economics
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"As a city gathers people,the city thrives." Urban development cannot be separated from the cohesion and intellectual support of talents.The current high-tech industry has become the strategic leading industry of China's national economy under the era of knowledge economy.Talent is the source of innovation in the high-tech industry,and it is of utmost importance to use "talent engines" to boost the development of high-tech industries.Therefore,how to promote the collaborative development of talent-highland construction and high-tech industries has become an urgent problem to be solved and resolved in Shaanxi Province.This is not only in line with talents strong strategic goals,but also conforms to the trend of national central city construction and the "One Belt and One Road" innovation center.This paper takes the talent-highland construction and high-tech industry development in Shaanxi Province as the research object,and uses human capital theory,agglomeration economic theory and synergy theory as guidance,and systematically combs the current situation and development trend of the coordinated development of talent-highland construction and high-tech industry.Based on the analysis of he status quo of Shaanxi talent-highland construction and high-tech industry development,exploring the interaction between the two systems,and then two evaluation index systems and evaluation models for talent-highland construction and high-tech industry development in Shaanxi Province were determined.Firstly,through TOPSIS model,a horizontal comparative analysis of the construction of talent-highland and high-tech industry development in 31 provinces,municipalities and autonomous regions in China in 2015.The construction of talent-highland in Shaanxi Province is relatively good,and the level of development of high-tech industry is relatively backward.The development relationship between the two systems is not coordinated.Secondly,through the Composite system system synergy evaluation model to perform a longitudinal coordinated evaluation of the talent-highland construction and high-tech industry development in Shaanxi Province from 2000 to 2015.The results showed that:(1)from 2000 to 2015,the orderliness of the two systems in Shaanxi Province has been greatly improved,showing an overall positive trend.(2)In the 16 years,the overall degree of synergy of the two systems was low and within the range of[-0.1,0.2]shocked,showing that the coordinated development mechanism of the two has not yet formed.In the first phase(2001-2008),the two systems are in a chaotic phase and transition to an initial coordination phase,The degree of increase in the degree of synergy is relatively obvious but fluctuates greatly.In the second phase(2009-2015),the two systems have completed the leap in their collaborative relationship,and the degree of synergy began to increase significantly.But they are still in the initial coordination stage of low-level collaboration,and the space for improvement is large.Finally,analysis of the relationship between two subsystems from the perspective of cointegration.The results showed that in Shaanxi Province the talent-highland construction has a long-term equilibrium effect on the high-tech industry development,the reverse is the same.In view of the above conclusions,relevant countermeasures and suggestions are proposed from the aspects of comprehensively enhancing Shaanxi's talent competitiveness,optimizing the development environment of high-tech industry,expanding government funding support,and broadening the financing channels of high-tech industry.The results of this study can provide a reference for the collaborative development of talented highlands and high-tech industries in Shaanxi Province,and can also provide reference for other regions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Talent-Highland, High-Tech Industry, TOPSIS Model, Coordination
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