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On The Creation Of Special Film "The Storm Of The Old Yin Pictures Road"

Posted on:2018-11-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2355330518461822Subject:Radio and Television
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The intangible cultural heritage is the living culture of human carrier and the way of oral transmission,which is the treasure that our ancestors bequeathed to us.However,in the diversity of cultural and entertainment methods,many of our intangible cultural heritage is in danger of dying out.Therefore,it is necessary and urgent to protect and pass on the intangible cultural heritage of our country.The image can play an important role in the recording and dissemination of intangible cultural heritage.Long-standing history,located in the central plains,the birthplace of the woodcut New Year's paintings vermilion immortals township has formed its own unique form of art.In 2006,it was listed in China's first batch of intangible cultural heritage;Intangible cultural heritages exist in non-physical form and are closely related to people,and they depend on the traditional cultural expression of social and family generations.So the selection in the form of feature films Yin Guoquan pass tiancheng old woodcut New Year's paintings vermilion immortals township on people as the main line,shooting JTG yoon son as the subordinate line,not only the narrative tradition woodcut New Year's paintings vermilion immortals township people Yin Guoquan in rough experience of woodcut New Year pictures,through his life,his art creation aspects of shooting,from one side reflect showed the status quo of woodcut New Year's paintings vermilion immortals township;By contrast with son mode of operation performance under the impact of the modern mass culture,heritage of traditional folk culture and art center China stick to and develop.Feature films,"the storm of the old Yin pictures road" is under the guidance of the feature films theory knowledge on consulting a large number of literature on the basis of woodcut New Year's paintings,through many times field research to shoot.The creative process is divided into three parts:pre-preparation,intermediate and post-editing.The paper introduces the creation of the process of the feature films "the storm of the old Yin pictures road",some of the creative thinking and exploration for theinterpretation,the creation of some experiences are summarized,reflections on some deficiencies in creation,is conducive to the improvement of the creation."This old road" Yin and New Year paintings graduation works,with the four chapter expounds the creative process in the film preparation,shooting method,process and related experience and value from the perspective of communication and visual perspective on the film are summarized.
Keywords/Search Tags:featurefilms, The zhuxiantown woodcut New Year paintings, intangible cultural heritage, Creative interpretation, Old Yin's newyear pictures Road by wind and rain
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