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Research On The Fusion Of New Year Paintings Intangible Cultural Heritage And Local Brands

Posted on:2021-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2415330629980438Subject:Art and design
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A square inch can hold everything.A small part of a wall can be all-embracing.The New Year paintings bear the traditional Chinese culture,spirit and emotion,and is an expression of the wisdom and experience accumulation of the people.Taohuawu New Year Pictures,as one of the representative regional New Year pictures,are still in a weak position in the face of the contemporary social and cultural turmoil.Due to the limitations of the traditional carriers of New Year pictures,under the modern social environment in which cultural creation is popular and aesthetics change,People's understanding,attention and repeated consumption rate of cultural and creative products are also low.Taohuawu New Year Pictures are constantly facing the test of inheritance and innovation.This article will re-examine the form and function of the Taohuawu New Year pictures under a modern aesthetic view,and produce a new interpretation.The Taohuawu New Year pictures will be placed in the context of traditional culture and Wudi's contemporary folk background.The design language combines the traditional art features of New Year 's pictures with modern design,discusses consumer psychology,and creates a creative brand for Taohuawu New Year pictures.The article mainly expounds from five aspects.The first part mainly clarifies the purpose and significance of the topic selection and the research status at home and abroad,clarifies the research methods and ideas,and paves the way for subsequent research;the second part from the perspective of intangible cultural heritage,Searching for the roots of New Year pictures,analyzing the historical context,craft features,artistic expression,symbolic significance of Taohuawu New Year pictures,summarizing and discovering the current status and existing problems of New Year pictures,and providing systematic brand joint design services;the third part mainly deals with the current In the stage,New Year Pictures and Creative Studies conduct research,reflect on the design flaws,find new ideas on the existing cultural and creative design concepts,and determine the design direction;the fourth part mainly elaborates the relevant historical background of Suzhou tea culture and the integration of "New Year Pictures" and "Tea" The analysis of the degree andthe meeting point is the elaboration of the design practice of the integration of Taohuawu woodcut New Year pictures and the tea house brand in Suzhou.Combining the inherent artistic features and functions of the New Year pictures,the plan and space related design applications of the tea house are continuously improved and tried.This design breaks through the original cultural and creative product design,integrates it with the tea house brand creative design,returns to the public's vision,enters the people's life,and retains this "cultural memory" for Taohuawu.New Year pictures contribute some meager efforts in protecting heritage and innovative development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Taohuawu New Year pictures, cultural brand, tea house, innovative design
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