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Research On Rural Youth Entrepreneurship In Heyuan City

Posted on:2018-11-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Z TuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2356330518952971Subject:Rural and regional development
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Rural youth is the main force in the construction of all aspects of the country,especially the important force to promote the construction of new countryside.The government has promoted the implementation of many preferential policies for rural youth to achieve sustained and healthy entrepreneurship,However,it is still difficult for rural youth to start their own businesses,Entrepreneurship still faces many bottlenecks.In the state promulgated the "13th Five-Year" plan,It further defines the new requirements and new goals of entrepreneurship,Heyuan is a big agricultural city,Rural youth have a large base and a high proportion,How to seize the policy dividend,How to combine the reality of rural youth in Heyuan,Take the rural youth in Heyuan as an example,To study the ways and measures to serve the young people in rural areas,It has certain positive significance and necessity.This thesis consists of six chapters,In addition to the first,second and six chapters,Others are the elaboration and analysis of this topic.The full text is respectively from the background,purpose and significance of doing pioneering work for rural youth,From the analysis of the current situation,characteristics,problems and needs of youth entrepreneurship in Heyuan,How to better help young people start their business at the government level,personal level and social level,This paper expounds how to do the service and guidance work of the rural youth in Heyuan.The author is based on the statistics of rural youth entrepreneurship representatives and questionnaires,Through consulting relevant documents and materials,This paper summarizes the current situation of rural youth entrepreneurship in Heyuan,It points out the problems existing in the rural youth entrepreneurship in Heyuan,This paper analyzes the reasons for the difficulties faced by rural youth in Heyuan,Mainly:First,the government publicity and training are not enough,and the initiative and methods of service are inadequate;Two is the entrepreneur,personal quality is not high,the ability to control all aspects of the need to be improved;Three is the atmosphere of society is not enough,the various sectors of entrepreneurship still exist to some extent.This paper takes rural youth in Heyuan as the object of study,Youth entrepreneurship as the research direction,To illustrate the importance of this group of rural youth in the process of socio-economic development and in the development of grass-roots undertakings at the present time,It is also an active and important group.Last,The author combines the analysis of rural youth entrepreneurship in Heyuan,Put forward the “government level to improve the policy of helping the masses,individuals should enhance their own quality,society should work together to create a good atmosphere” of rural youth entrepreneurship work countermeasures and suggestions,The goal and direction of youth entrepreneurship in rural areas of Heyuan have been clearly defined,The method of work is defined.
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