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Research On The Interaction Between Township Governments And Rural Cooperative Organizations

Posted on:2018-02-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2356330518963270Subject:Administrative Management
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The rural cooperative organization establishment and development of our country for a long time,especially since the reform and opening,the development of market economy system and the related legal policy,bring new opportunities for the development of rural cooperation organization.In addition,the socialist new rural construction involves many aspects.But the villages and towns governments are hardly to do it alone.Rural cooperative organization is rooted and grew up in the countryside,which grew up in rural areas,and gradually change the pattern of rural governance.So,itís becoming a strong extension of township government functions.However,for the development of civil society is still in its primary stage in our country,the development of rural cooperative organization system is not perfect,development elements is relatively lacking.The township government,as the most closest government with rural cooperative organizations,it holds the relatively rich resources,to promote the development of rural to better perform functions,between township government and rural cooperative organizations can realize the complementary advantages,make progress together.However,due to the imperfect civil society development in our country,rural cooperative organization strength is small.The interactive relationship between rural cooperative organization and townships government is not based on the principle of equality.Due to the existing academic research focus on rural cooperative organizationís growth,so the relationship between township governments to its less attention.After consult literature and analyzing the specific case,the author divided the existing township government and rural cooperative organization interaction into dependent and independent.But these two kinds of interaction,there are certain problems.In order to achieve the healthy development of the rural cooperative organization in the country and social interaction theory support,trying to find out the construction of township government and rural cooperative organizations benign interaction between the path and strategy.This article is divided into five parts:The first part summarizes the background of selected topic,search for the meaning of the topic,summarizes the rural cooperation organization of research results at home and abroad,and puts forward the research methods of this article,the innovation points and deficiencies.The second part describes the related concepts and theories,explains the ruralcooperation organization and the interaction of villages and towns government related concepts as well as the two theoretical basis,and nationalism,civil society and national and social interaction theory as the basis,groundwork for the research of the interaction.The third part examines in detail the relationship between rural cooperative organization and the town government in the history,provides realistic foundation for concrete analysis the relationship between the two.The fourth part expounds the attachment relation between rural cooperative organization and township government attached connotation,characteristics,and combined with case analysis of attachment,then raised the problem of the attachment.The fifth part expounds the township government and rural cooperative organization independent relations connotation,characteristics,and combined with case analysis of the independent relationship,put forward the independent relationship of the problem.The sixth part explains the theoretical and practical basis of building the benign interaction between government and rural cooperative organization,and the cooperation mechanism between them,and put forward to build a benign interaction between the path and strategy.
Keywords/Search Tags:township government, rural cooperation organization, benign interaction
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