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Cooperation And Complementarity: The Benign Interaction Between NGOs And The Government

Posted on:2009-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360245495549Subject:Administrative Management
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Traditionly,our country is a" big government, small society" country.Since long ago, the government has always been the main body in the domain of the public administration, monopolizing the supplies of public goods.However,there appeard many malpractices in this kind of supplying system,causing that many needs could not be satisfied.Compared with the procedure of the western country,analyzing the reality of our courtry ,we request that the government should transform the function, shift partial functions which is not necessary for the government to shoulder and which can not been well done by the government to the bodies in our society.Additionally,NGOs,with its unique advantages,can be a very outstanding body taking over the duties from the government,it can make up the insufficiency of the government, reduce the burden for the government, optimize the public service, Therefore the government can concentrate on "steerage", thus brings high effectiveness to the entire society. But the NGOs have the inherent flaws,so it will beset with many difficulties, especially in our coutry whose background is unique. If both sides enable to get rid of the difficulties,they have to seek the benign interaction between them. On the one hand, the government must support, guid, surpevise the NGOs,on the other hand, NGOs have to respond the government positively, trengthen the communication with the government.This article is divided into four parts to discuss the interaction relations between the government and NGOs.In first part,on the basis of analyzing the backgroud of selected topic,the significance,the commentary on the theories and reseach completement in and abroad,we proposed the research mentality and research methods.The second part ,we analyzed the western developped countries,mainly studied the theories and the experiences,as well as the enlightenment to our country.In the third part,we can see the present situation of NGOs in our country,and obtain the restricts.The fourth part introduced the countermeasures which can help the two establish benign interaction relations.It mentioned that on one hand the the government is to be supposed to transform the attitudes to the NGOs, establish perfect law system frame, reform the managing system.On the other hand,NGOs must bear its mission in mind, strengthen its own ability,and adjust the relations with the government automaticly,leading to cooperation and supplementary finally.Constructing the denign interaction relations between the government and NGOs has become a key link,the bilateral benign interaction will undoubtedly help the government transform the function,strengthen the citizen society,enhance the level of the public service,enhance the trust and understanding bwteen government and the citizen and degree of people's satisfaction.
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