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Preliminary Study On The Model Of Home-based Care For The Demolition And Resettlement Of Farmers

Posted on:2018-01-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the increasing of aging problem in our country,more and more people pay attention to the problem of providing for the aged,and the model of home care has gradually become the main way of providing for the aged.In recent years,China’s major cities have basically formed a relatively stable home care model,It can be divided into 4 categories:administrative enforcement mode,public private mode,private model and market model.No matter what kind of mode,in the hardware facilities and service supply are more perfect,in addition to funding and policy support of the government,there are a number of pension institutions and complementary,various social organizations also continue to play their own role,can adapt to the overall city community endowment service demand.However,in rural areas,due to the level of economic development and the city there is a big gap,there is no way to choose a variety of pension in the city,the lack of the necessary economic and material support,the overall quality of the pension is not high.Due to the new rural construction or other reasons are being demolished and rebuilt rural areas,hardware,software has been equipped with the conditions for the development of community home care services,however,in addition to economic income is far less than the urban elderly,the elderly in rural areas in the cultural level,living habits,health awareness and health care and other aspects of the city and the elderly have obvious differences,if the urban community home care model directly applied in the resettlement of farmers in the community,certainly not achieve the desired results,the correct approach should be to learn from the advantages of the existing model,combined with the special needs of the elderly in rural areas to build a new home care model for the resettlement of farmers.This paper takes the W village of Sheyang County as the object of study,combined with the advantages of the 4 major home care model and the needs of the elderly in the W village,to explore the family pension mode which is suitable for the resettlement of farmers.Both the government and the community,families or individuals,can not rely on their own strength to the elderly care service and welfare pluralism came into being,emphasizing the integration of social resources,relying on great force to solve social problems.From the perspective of welfare pluralism,this paper analyzes how the government,the community,the social organization,the family and the individual should play a role in the home care service.On this basis,the village of W features and the results of the survey data combined to construct a W village community home care program,simply summarized as follows:through the government administrative force,reduce the community home endowment mode implementation of the initial resistance.The integration of resources and human capital to support the community in the government,social organizations and other social forces,and the formation of a stable support network,to provide low compensation or free basic pension services to the villagers,or by way of purchase of services by professional service personnel in the implementation of home-based care services,pension Center specific management.At the same time,strengthen the community mobilization,pay attention to the professional training of internal service personnel and the establishment of the internal voluntary organizations,and gradually improve the quality of home care services.
Keywords/Search Tags:peasant resettlement community, home care, welfare pluralism
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