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A Study Of The US-Japan Alliance From The Perspective Of The US "Asia-Pacific Rebalancing" Strategy

Posted on:2019-08-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2436330566490670Subject:International relations
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After the Second World War,an U.S.-leading global economic and political system has been established throughout American alliances network,international treaties and international organizations.In Asia-Pacific region,U.S.-Japan alliance has always been the key to assist America to impose its regional influence.With a creative study angle,this paper explores,under the background of American “Rebalance to the Asia-Pacific”strategy,what influences the American “Pivoting to Asia-Pacific” and the “Rebalance to the Asia-Pacific” will bring to U.S.-Japan alliance restructure and Asia-Pacific region,analyzing by Power Transition Theory,Realism and Constructivism.First of all,this paper explains how U.S.-Japan alliance came into being after the Second World War and the reason why U.S.-Japan alliance has been through ups and downs from the end of the Cold War to first decade of 21 th century.After the Cold War,the U.S.-Japan alliance has missed its strategy anchor due to lack of common target and interest but the alliance recently may have found a new guiding rationale to confront China's rise.Observing the international background of “Rebalance to the Asia-Pacific”and its main content,this paper,then,analyzes the new adjustment of U.S.-Japan alliance and discovers what cooperation it makes in Southeast Asia,Northeast Asia as well as containing China and its influence on regional security in Asia-Pacific and international relations.Last,this paper dissects the difficulties faced by U.S.-Japan alliance under the“Rebalance to the Asia-Pacific” strategy and new developing trend of U.S.-Japan alliance during Donald Trump's presidency.After Trump's moving into White House,“America First” has become his core diplomatic concept that influences American Asia-Pacific strategy and brings uncertainties of American leading position and military presence in Asia-Pacific.U.S.-Japan alliance is confronted with a new-round adjustment.The U.S.has been shouldering the responsibility of guarding global security,prosperity and stability.However,with different understanding of U.S.-Japan alliance,Trump will probably reorganize its global strategy and strategic focus.The second half of this paper tries to probe into the U.S.-Japan alliance development under the circumstance of the change of American president and reveals what differences American Asia-Pacific strategy makes to the U.S.-Japan alliance development and global landscape.The transformation and strengthening of the U.S.-japan alliance have a profound impact on global landscape,the Asia-Pacific regional security and cooperation.So studying on the U.S.-Japan alliance is significant to stabilizeneighbor relations,safeguard state sovereignty,achieve national interests,maintain a peaceful and stable international environment.
Keywords/Search Tags:Asia-Pacific Rebalance Strategy, The Restructure of US-Japan Alliance, The Theory of Hegemonic Stability, Trump's New Asia-Pacific Strategy
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