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Japan - US Alliance And US "Asia - Pacific Re - Balance Strategy"

Posted on:2016-10-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This paper describes Japan-US alliance and Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy.The year of 2008 is the presidential election of the United States, Obama won and as the 44 th president of USA. When the man became the chief of a country which has the world’s hegemony, he would be very happy. But instead of the peace and prosperity ages is the financial crisis outbreak on Wall Street, and quickly spread to the entire country’s economic field, so American declined into an unprecedented depress since the end of the Cold War. Except that, they broken the war of Afghanistan and Iraq in the name of anti-terrorism, had let this country lost into a deep quagmire then didn’t physic. Considered the domestic and foreign environments were being passive, Obama didn’t have a time to celebrate the election victory. He had to settle the problem of the hegemony, which weakening by his country went downhill. And with the emerging countries’ power rapidly rising, they want to participate in global governance, enjoy the hegemony. Obama don’t allow this happened, so the “Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy” be proposed.This strategy call up that,not only the United States, but also the east allies, then put the main resources of its military, economic and diplomatic, into the Asia-Pacific region, to prevent the rise of emerging countries. We know, the Japan-US alliance is the cornerstone of USA over there, so take a study about it is a meaning.We should know how the Japan-US alliance make a useful work during the “Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy”.And how the USA and Japan for the interests of the game, including collective self-defense, Diaoyu Islands dispute and TPP strategy.When we know this situation clearly, we know the “Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy” more about the will.
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