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Research On The Cultivation Of Students' Problem Awareness In The Teaching Of Ideological And Political Courses

Posted on:2018-06-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the gradual deepening of curriculum reform,the cultivation of awareness of problems has increasingly become an important aspect of improving students'comprehensive quality.The problem consciousness,as a kind of psychological state of confusion,doubt and inquiry,can activate the intrinsic motivation of students,promote the development of students' thinking and improve their learning ability.In the ideological and political education,through the practice of the new teaching reform ideas,improve the professional quality of teachers,high school students' thinking to follow the law of development,can promote the students' problem consciousness unceasingly strengthens,and improve high school students' learning efficiency and comprehensive quality.This paper combs through the concept of problem consciousness and research status at home and abroad,combined with the high school ideological and political teaching lack of problem awareness training performance,and puts forward the strategy of cultivating students' consciousness of Ideological and political teaching.This paper includes the introduction and the main body,the introduction of the main topics of the background and significance,research status at home and abroad and theoretical basis,research methods and innovation;the body part includes three parts:The first part,On the cultivation of students' problem consciousness in ideological and political teaching.First on the "problem consciousness" and "high school students'problem consciousness" meaning;second is to cultivate students' problem consciousness of the principles and objectives;finally the necessity of cultivating the awareness of students.The second part,The performance and causes of students'problem consciousness in Ideological and political teaching.From "the idea behind the neglect of students' problem consciousness" and "teachers' professional quality is not fully lead to" Q "missing","students' acceptance of learning inertia leads to weak awareness of the problem of "three aspects of students lack awareness of the problems are analyzed.The third part,Practical strategies of cultivating students' problem consciousness in Ideological and political teaching.According to the problems of cultivating students question consciousness in Ideological and political teaching,from teaching philosophy,teaching methods,teachers' professional quality three aspects put forward the corresponding practical strategies,namely,practice the concept of the new curriculum innovation "ask" consciousness,improve the teacher professional literacy"ask" science,follow the law of development of high school students' thinking development ability of questioning.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ideological and Political Course, Senior High School Students, Problem Consciousness, Training Strategy
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