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Cultivation Of Students' Question Consciousness In The Teaching Of Ideological And Political Courses In Senior Middle Schools

Posted on:2021-02-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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High school ideological and political courses are closely related to students 'society,family,school and other aspects.It is necessary to use ideological and political courses as the main position to cultivate high school students' problem awareness."Question consciousness" refers to a psychological state of active questioning and active inquiry produced by students in their learning activities."Question consciousness" specifically refers to two aspects of ideological and political lessons in high schools.One is that students are in teaching situations.The doubts that were discovered actively in the second part are that students face the doubts caused by some valuable phenomena in the society.Traditional education mainly cultivates students' ability to solve presenting problems.Students solve problems raised by teachers.Current ideological and political classroom teaching should gradually cultivate students' consciousness of finding problems.Students' ability to change from solving existing problems to actively discovering problems and Problem solving is gradually improving.The cultivation of high school students' problem consciousness in ideological and political courses should be targeted at the current situation of students' problem consciousness in high school ideological and political courses.Through actual investigation of the current high school students' problem consciousness in ideological and political courses.Although most high school students now have questions in ideological and political lessons,they will also raise their own questions,but there are also cases where most students will not ask questions.Follow-up training of students 'problem awareness should be targeted to encourage students' positive performance in the classroom and help students overcome negative performance in the training process.With the further reform of the new curriculum and the advancement of ideological and political core literacy in high schools,students have gradually become the center of the classroom,giving play to the main role of the classroom,and achieving remarkable results in the cultivation of high school students' problem awareness.Due to their own teaching pressure and lack of students 'own consciousness,teachers have many problems in the process of cultivating high school students' problem consciousness.Analyze the current achievements and existing problems in the cultivation of students 'problem awareness,and improve the problems that teachers have encountered in the training process,in order to take better teaching measures to cultivate students' problem awareness and improve the effectiveness of the training measures.In the entire classroom,"problems" are the main line of teacher teaching and student learning.Teachers set teaching situations,change teaching methods,and create a relaxed and effective classroom atmosphere to help students truly participate in the classroom.Teacher guidance,cooperative inquiry,and active exploration of new knowledge,from unknown to known.In the research activities after class,apply the new knowledge learned in class,and find new problems,from the known to the new unknown.After in-class and out-of-class inquiry activities,students become knowledge explorers and applicators,and study as a pleasure.Students become masters of their own studies,laying a solid foundation for the formation of creative thinking and lifelong learning.
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